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An Industry with +91.7% Annual Growth Backed by Federal Law

Wall Street will be paying close attention to an obscure conference in Amsterdam over the next few days where the world's foremost experts are meeting about a technology that could produce +91.7% annual returns for the next dozen years.

by Andy Obermueller | March 16, 2010
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Own a Piece of Brazil's Future

Investors who want to capture the real potential of emerging powerhouses like Brazil won't look to the traditional exchange-traded funds on the market. They'll look here instead...

by Brad Briggs | March 16, 2010
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The Chinese Behemoth That is (Not-So) Secretly Buying Up the World's Oil Reserves

The list of deals this company has done in the past year will make your chin drop, leaving you with one question: Who's next -- and how do I profit from it?

by Andy Obermueller | March 15, 2010
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A Fashionable Play Could Lead to a +38% Gain

A down economy has forced this retailer to implement some key changes that could help it shine in the next upturn.

by David Sterman | March 11, 2010
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Advice I'd Only Share with Fabulously Rich Friends

Here are three areas where big money goes to get bigger. (Not surprisingly, there's a common thread.)

by Andy Obermueller | March 10, 2010
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Inside the Numbers: Using Wall Street Experts to Your Advantage

Stocks with a high number of 'Buy' ratings are a dime a dozen. But these stocks are the absolute darlings of Wall Street. A quick run of the numbers shows some interesting (and potentially underpriced) candidates.

by Brad Briggs | March 05, 2010
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EPA Ruling Could Mean a +50% Increase in Biofuel Demand

The move to allow gasoline to be blended with up to 15% ethanol could spell billions in profits for this crucial industry participant.

by Andy Obermueller | March 04, 2010
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Uncle Sam's Latest Move Promises +24,515% Growth

The Obama Administration approved a USDA loan guarantee for a cutting-edge biofuel plant, an industry the president is about to hand billions of dollars to. But that's just the beginning. Federal law mandates cellulosic output to increase by +24,515% -- here's how to profit.

by Andy Obermueller | March 03, 2010
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This Microcap "War" Stock Has Hiked Dividends +500% and Now Pays 10.1%

This unique little company pays a stable double-digit yield and trades at bargain levels. Still, few are paying attention.

by Anthony Haddad | March 03, 2010
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A Company That Can't Stop Growing... or Beating Its Competitors 3-to-1

This dominant market leader can barely keep up with the rapid increase in demand for its services. The best part for investors: The company makes three times its closest competitor for the exact same services. This advantage bodes well for its business -- and stock price.

by Nathan Slaughter | March 02, 2010