Growth Investing

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This Stock Has the Golden Touch

A key player in a hot area is gearing up for a major technology push in 2010.

by David Sterman | January 29, 2010
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Profit from the Demise of Big Tobacco

A small pharmaceutical company with a big partner has a therapy that must be making cigarette company executives crave a smoke. Investors can now get in on the ground floor of this potentially historic drug.

by Anthony Haddad | January 28, 2010
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Obama's Address Signals Opportunities in Health Care, Clean Energy

The President's First State of the Union is a pathway for the nation's investors as well as its lawmakers.

by Andy Obermueller | January 28, 2010
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Turn Pennies and Nickels into Big Profits

In a short period of time, this company has gone from literally counting change to building substantial profits. A recent deft acquisition should spell further growth opportunities and gains for shareholders ahead.

by Mary Lou Byrd | January 20, 2010
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A 13% Yielder that Has Hiked Its Dividends for 21 Quarters

This unknown business-development company has increased its dividend +33% per year since it went public in 2004.

by Anthony Haddad | January 19, 2010
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An Undervalued Industry Leader with +66% Upside Potential

This insurance company has increased its dividend for 26 straight years, grown revenue for more than a decade and trades at a steep discount to its historical valuations. Shares could jump +66% as they approach their historic valuation.

by Francisco Bermea | January 18, 2010
High Yields from the World's Most Dependable Revenues

This fund provides inflation protection, dollar diversification and growth -- while paying a fat distribution.

by Tom Hutchinson | January 14, 2010
A High Yielding Bank with Chinese Growth

One of the best positioned banks in the world for growth also happens to pay a fat dividend. Located amid the fastest growing economies in the world and on the cusp of the worldwide economic recovery, this bank could grow by leaps and bounds.

by Tom Hutchinson | January 13, 2010
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The Value Play Backed by 150 Patents

This company provides the tools to help medical research make the next leap forward.

by David Sterman | January 12, 2010
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40 Million People Need This Life-Saving Drug

This pharmaceutical company has the highest operating margins in the industry, and it has the exclusive rights to its money-making drugs for another decade.

by Francisco Bermea | January 10, 2010