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Share the Wealth, Part II: Our Outlook on Four Cash-Rich Companies

These 10 companies collectively made more than $100 million in profits every hour of every day during the past quarter. Their cash holdings range from nearly $12 billion to more than $61 billion. But are they good investments?

by Andy Obermueller | December 03, 2009
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This Ignored Country is Booming

A tiny nation of seven million people has the most start-up companies in the world outside of the United States.

by Brad Briggs | November 24, 2009
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Profit from the One Sector the Government Won't Allow to Fail

Investors looking for value might not be able to find more upside than this embattled segment -- one on which Uncle Sam is spending billions to save.

by Andy Obermueller | November 23, 2009
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This Small, High-Yielding Company is Extremely Undervalued

With nearly no debt, a healthy dividend, and great earnings growth, this tax-advantaged company has plenty of room to grow. And it's priced significantly below its peers.

by Anthony Haddad | November 23, 2009
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The Health Care Reform Winner

Investors have shied away from the health sector because of uncertainty surrounding reform efforts in the United States, but one industry-leading company will win out either way.

by Brad Briggs | November 20, 2009
1.3 Billion People Need Soap

This company sells practical necessities to the largest population on earth. Its growth potential is massive, and the stock currently yields more than 20%.

by Tom Hutchinson | November 18, 2009
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This Time the House Pays with More Dividend Jackpots to Come

Casinos used to pay dividends, but that trend ended about the time Sammy, Dean, Joey and Frank left town. But now, one serious Vegas contender is just about to deliver a year-end dividend jackpot.

by Amy Calistri | November 16, 2009
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Dividend Payers with Earnings Momentum

These companies' earnings are taking off. Don't miss the chance for 7% yields.

by Anthony Haddad | November 12, 2009
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This High-Yielding Cash Cow Buys Life Insurance Policies and Waits...

This company was named Fortune's No. 1 fastest-growing small public company. It not only generates huge stacks of cash, it's also generous with its shareholders.

by Anthony Haddad | November 11, 2009
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These Growth-Oriented Companies Make a Product Consumers Can't Live Without

A game-changing product is making a few companies -- and their shareholders -- a lot of money. A key acquisition points to the industry's standout.

by Brad Briggs | November 10, 2009