International Investing

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A +450% Gain is Only the Beginning

This company's products are used in renewable energy, telecom and construction. It can barely keep up with demand, and the share price could soon catch up.

by Nathan Slaughter | August 28, 2009
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Now's the Time to Invest in This Once-Forbidden Country

China is old news. Smart investors should be looking for the next Asian tiger story. A new ETF may have found just that.

by Brad Briggs | August 25, 2009
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Cuts in Government Spending Would Actually Boost Profits for this Unusual Stock

Most companies that depend on Uncle Sam would be devastated by cutbacks. This company would see its bottom line swell.

by Andy Obermueller | August 12, 2009
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Three Stocks that Doubled -- And the Next Three to Follow

These stocks have posted triple-digit gains so far this year, including one that jumped +191% in a matter of months.  After figuring out how they did it, we'll give you three more stocks that could deliver similar eye-popping gains in the months ahead.

by Brad Briggs | July 29, 2009
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The Most Undervalued Stock in the Dow

I have sorted through the Dow Jones to find you the most undervalued stock. The results will surprise you -- not only does the company yield 3.4%, but Warren Buffett has given it his stamp of approval.

by Andy Obermueller | July 18, 2009
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Junk Bonds Living Up to Risky Reputation as Defaults Climb

Junk bonds can be classified as high risk, high reward. These hefty yielders have come under further scrutiny as several have defaulted on their payments. It isn't touted as a safe investment, but these bonds have become increasingly speculative.

by Amy Calistri | July 11, 2009
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An African ETF That Gets You Into the Last Great Resource Frontier

Money is flowing back into emerging and frontier markets. Africa is a mix of the two, and arguably has the best growth prospects of any region in the world. Abundant in natural resource holdings like metals, oil and diamonds, this African ETF is already up +15% on the S&P. As commodity prices come off their lows, shares of this ETF are poised to rise-- but you still have time to catch the rally.

by Paul Tracy | May 28, 2009
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Protect Your Portfolio with These All-Weather Securities

President Harry Truman once said he wanted to hire a one-armed economist. When asked why, he replied, so the economist couldn't say "on the other hand." For Barack Obama, finding a one-armed economist is even more pressing. Obama is faced with deciding which limb of the three-armed monster--deflation, inflation or stagflation--could be most damaging to the nation's well-being. Unfortunately, we income investors face the same dilemma.

by Carla Pasternak | May 28, 2009
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These Shares Will Absolutely Go Into Orbit After They Launch on May 14th

We've all watched the movies where intelligence agents in some high-tech room use satellites to get the pictures they need to save the world. Alas, that's not really the way it is. In the United States, in fact, the key provider of satellite images used by intelligence agencies isn't even the military. It's a pair of high-tech suppliers who operate their own spy satellites. One of them is about to go public. Investors who snap up these shares are going to make a killing, all courtesy of Uncle Sam.

by Andy Obermueller | May 27, 2009
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These Two Drug Makers Are Benefiting as Governments Stockpile Flu Medication

The U.S. government has mounted an admirably quick response to the swine-flu outbreak and will continue to work with state medical officials and international health agencies to respond to the crisis. So far, two drugs have proven capable of fighting the potentially deadly influenza strain now known as H1-N1. As the world begins to respond to a potential pandemic, governments will stockpile and use millions of doses of these important medicines. That's good news for the people who will be treated.

by Andy Obermueller | May 27, 2009