International Investing

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What China's Actions Mean for the Dollar and Your Portfolio

A steady reduction in China's U.S. bond holdings is a mixed blessing.

by David Sterman | July 22, 2010
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Forget Treasuries -- Buy This 12% Yield Instead

Treasuries are safe, but you won't get much in the way of income. I've found an investment where you can sleep well at night while earning a double-digit yield.

by Andy Obermueller | July 20, 2010
A High Yield in a Safe Place

With the recovery stalling and interest rates to remain low for the foreseeable future, I've found one place where you can still find both safety and a decent yield.

by Tom Hutchinson | July 14, 2010
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The Best Way to Earn Income from Gold

In the past few months, many readers have emailed asking if it's possible to find high yields from gold. Today we address that question -- and you might be surprised to know the answer...

by Carla Pasternak | July 09, 2010
Why You Should add these Ignored Securities to Your Portfolio

Investors mistakenly shy away from these securities because they seem exotic and hard-to-understand. We break down the lingo so you can learn how to take part in the great yields and capital gains that others are missing.

by Frederick M. Steier | June 28, 2010
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3 Things People Miss When Looking for the Next Hot Small Cap

Just a few small-cap stocks can boost a sagging retirement portfolio. Discover three key factors behind the meteoric rise of the decade's best performing small-caps.

by Amy Calistri | June 24, 2010
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Use These Little-Known Securities to Hedge Downside Risk

These hybrid securities offer more downside protection than stocks during market downturns, but contain much of the upside that comes with bull markets. Here is a brief overview of their key features, as well as two appealing opportunities.

by Ryan Fuhrmann | June 23, 2010
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How to Avoid Taxes on Dividends Overseas

Investors often have to venture outside U.S. markets in order to find the highest yields available, but many countries withhold some of the dividends paid to foreign investors. That's why I've rounded up a list of countries with zero withholding so investors can maximize their income.

by Carla Pasternak | June 10, 2010
Now's the Time to Buy These High-Yield Gems

This sector is tailor made for steady income and should emerge as the ultimate income investor's dream during the next decade. And, the market has just created another chance to get in.

by Tom Hutchinson | June 08, 2010
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The One Number Every Investor Should Know about BP

Investors need to do the math to see value in the troubled oil giant.

by David Sterman | June 04, 2010