Income Investing

The Income Secret Right Under Your Nose

A sideways market combined with an uncertain future makes it all the more important to focus on safe, steady dividends. One asset class accomplishes this like no other -- but no one seems to notice it. Find out what I'm talking about.

by Tom Hutchinson | December 29, 2009
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Sky-High Yields From an Island Smaller than Manhattan

I'm sure a lot of people are looking toward warmer climates right about now.  As winter starts, I've uncovered one warm-weather paradise that has more to offer than just sandy beaches and turquoise water.

by Carla Pasternak | December 28, 2009
Three Secrets to Earning Double-Digit Yields From Oil

After crashing -75% last year amidst panic from the financial crisis, oil prices are back on the rise. Prices have increased nearly +40% year to date. But did you know you can also earn high yields from oil? But only if you know where to look. I've found three ways you can lock in regular income of 10%... 12%... even 14% or more from oil. 

by Tom Hutchinson | December 21, 2009
Income Investing's New Frontier

The financial crisis means a new set of rules apply to income investors in the post-meltdown era. These markets offer historic opportunities for sky-high yields and growth.

by Tom Hutchinson | December 21, 2009
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Meet Uncle Sam's High-Yielding Landlord

The federal government leases 97% of this company's property.

by Anthony Haddad | December 17, 2009
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How to Earn 26.5% on $20,000

I don't have to tell you how smart a focus on income investing can be. But you may not understand just how profitable it is over the long run. As you'll see, having a little patience -- and finding the right stocks -- can turn even small chunks of cash into a goose that lays golden eggs every single day.

by Amy Calistri | December 17, 2009
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Three Resolutions for a Profitable New Year

Eat whatever you want. Forget exercise. But do these three (painless) things to ensure a happy 2010.

by Andy Obermueller | December 16, 2009
Import 15% Yields -- In Monthly Installments

There are plenty of international income funds on the market paying yields above 6%. I'll show you how these gems can provide access that you can't find on your own... while even paying up to 15% or more per year in regular monthly payments.

by Tom Hutchinson | December 15, 2009
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An Unknown Income Stock from Mexico

This little company has been accelerating revenues all year and now yields 5.25%.

by Anthony Haddad | December 11, 2009
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Sleep Worry-Free with These Inflation-Proof Investments

Never before has the United States banking system been so flush with cash. But you can only pull money out of thin air for so long without triggering inflation. And it's all but certain: Inflation is coming.

Find out which asset class will not only protect your portfolio from inflation but actually profit from it.

by Nathan Slaughter | December 10, 2009