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Get 12% in an Ancient Business with a Bright Future

The long-term worldwide trend toward ever-expanding industrialization has been interrupted -- but only temporarily. This company is in line to reap huge profits when it resumes, and you get paid 12% to wait.

by Tom Hutchinson | November 05, 2009
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The Best DRIP in America Now Yields 8.6%

This high-yielder's dividend is well covered and growing, and the company has a dividend reinvestment program that puts your money right back to work for you.

by Anthony Haddad | November 04, 2009
Pay Yourself What Social Security Won't

For the first time in nearly 35 years there will be no cost of living adjustment in payments to Social Security recipients. But for many, monthly bills will increase anyway. We've uncovered one investment class that can help you increase your income despite the lack of help from Social Security.

by Tom Hutchinson | November 02, 2009
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The Biggest High-Yielding Company on the Planet

With a $173 billion market cap and a 6% yield, this company pays more than $10 billion in dividends every year.

by Anthony Haddad | October 28, 2009
The Safest 7% Yield You've Never Heard Of

This income-paying stock-- one of the best on the market -- operates off the beaten path. A little-noticed industry niche is the source of its steady yield, one that just keeps growing.

by Tom Hutchinson | October 28, 2009
The Ultimate Defensive Dividend

This recession-proof company grows in any economic climate. Proof: Its dividends have risen for 17 straight years, and they’re likely to rise for the next 17.

by Tom Hutchinson | October 23, 2009
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The Safest 6%-Plus Yielding Stock in America

The S&P’s triple-A credit rating typically means a lousy dividend, but plenty of highly rated companies offer rich revenue streams. The best one may surprise you.

by Anthony Haddad | October 20, 2009
Capture 13.0% Yields From the World's Most-Hated Sector

Right now, there are double-digit yields just ripe for the picking, and they exist in the most maligned sector of the economy. Snake-bitten investors have abandoned financials in droves, but in their wake they've ignored some enticing opportunities.

by Tom Hutchinson | October 20, 2009
Get Paid 10% to Protect Your Portfolio

Skyrocketing deficits have drawn dire forecasts of a plummeting dollar and double-digit inflation. Investors can defend themselves from these doomsday scenarios -- and earn 10% at the same time.

by Tom Hutchinson | October 17, 2009
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Two Small Caps with Big Dividends

These little companies are paying big dividends, one has a 17% yield, the other has a recession-proof business..

by Anthony Haddad | October 15, 2009