Income Investing

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How to Profit from the Government's Own 'Subprime' Lending

The U.S. government is spending trillions of dollars to push the economy back into recovery. Find out how investors can profit from this subprime lending spree.

by Amy Calistri | September 23, 2009
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Avoid the Great Dividend Crunch

Burned by the downturn, many companies may not return to hefty dividends for some time. But safe, high-yielding opportunities still exist -- investors just need to know where to look.

by Anthony Haddad | September 22, 2009
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This Growing Company Yields Four Times the Competition

Anheuser-Busch InBev's shares have returned to the New York Stock Exchange, but it's not the best beer play there. This brewer is a better value -- and it pays a higher dividend.

by Anthony Haddad | September 21, 2009
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How to Buy 43 "Off Limits" Chinese Dividend Stocks

Most stocks listed on China's Shanghai Composite Index are off limits to investors, but I've found a small loophole that allows investors to buy 43 of the steadiest dividend payers in China. Use this little-known trick to lock in high yields from the Shanghai market.

by Carla Pasternak | September 16, 2009
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The Worst Recession in Years Hasn't Stopped This Portfolio

How do you come out of this bear market with every holding showing positive gains? Learn the techniques to achieve this performance and put together a winning portfolio.

by Carla Pasternak | September 15, 2009
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The Three Best-Covered High-Yields in the S&P

These three high-yielding companies don't just pay a big dividend, they pay an extremely safe big dividend.

by Anthony Haddad | September 14, 2009
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How Small Investors Build Big Portfolios One Step at a Time

Hardly anyone talks about this affordable way to invest in great companies. Learn how to sidestep your broker and harness one of the most powerful forces in the universe on your way to early retirement.

by Brad Briggs | September 10, 2009
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Beat Stock Returns 3-to-1 -- If You Act Now

It’s time for investors to take advantage of a rare set of circumstances that only occurs after a downturn but before a recovery.

by Carla Pasternak | September 09, 2009
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This Company's 10% Yield Continues to Be Overlooked

This value leader is positioned to continue as an income powerhouse while cost-conscious consumers step away from higher-priced competitors.

by Anthony Haddad | September 07, 2009
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The Best Telecom Stock Money Can Buy

AT&T is a market leader, but this company beats the telecom giant in five important categories and is clearly the best in its class.

by Kyle Hartman | August 31, 2009