Value Investing

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The Perfect Asset Class for the Cautious

Think the rally won't hold? Use these little-known securities to profit regardless of which way the market swings.

by Nathan Slaughter | August 25, 2009
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Your Chance for a 10.6% Yield is Closing Fast

There's an opportunity for investors to capture double-digit yields, but it's closing fast. If you act quickly, there's still time to lock in these yields while also setting your portfolio up for capital gains.

by Carla Pasternak | August 21, 2009
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The Best Investment of the Decade

These securities have beaten the S&P during the past 5, 10 and 15 years and hardly anyone is talking about them. Do you have them in your portfolio?

by Kyle Hartman | August 19, 2009
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The Strange Case of the Secret $2 Billion Asset Sale

This distressed asset auction offers a unique way to profit from the subprime crisis, though we've found some easier ways.

by Andy Obermueller | August 10, 2009
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Say 'No Thanks' to Uncle Sam With This Tax-Free 7.0% Yield

Municipal bond yields look smaller than corporates at first glance, but after taxes the smaller yield may turn out to be appreciably higher.

by Carla Pasternak | August 06, 2009
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Is Your Favorite Stock About to Cut Its Dividend?

367 companies have cut or suspended dividends this year alone.  Here's the best way to avoid these losers.  Plus we'll give the names of two stable dividend payers you can depend on, including one with a sky-high 16.2% dividend yield.

by Carla Pasternak | July 31, 2009
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Capture Nearly 5% Yields... from Your Checking Account?

The average American earns almost nothing -- just 0.64% -- on his or her checking account.  Stop throwing your money away and start earning nearly 5%.  Here's how.

by Anthony Haddad | July 29, 2009
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How to Profit From Higher Interest Rates

Leading economists say the government's huge spending and recent actions by the Federal Reserve must inevitably lead to inflation. And believe it or not, that can be a profitable opportunity.

by Andy Obermueller | July 24, 2009
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Why Utilities Are Set to Repeat History and Offer Enormous Gains

Utility stocks offer predictable cash flows and hefty dividend yields. And if you get the timing right, they can deliver huge capital gains. The last time utilities were at today's levels, they surged +145%.

by Nathan Slaughter | July 21, 2009
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An Undervalued Housing Play for Recovery Believers

Palm Harbor Homes manufactures factory-built homes. Palm's stock has lagged behind its competitors, and as the recovery appears, sales will increase. The stock is attractively priced and presents a long-term opportunity to join the homebuilding comeback.

by Kyle Hartman | July 15, 2009