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I'm Buying More Of This High-Yield Energy Giant

Now that we know more about the mega-merger, I'm more convinced it will work. Here's why...

by Nathan Slaughter | June 13, 2019
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These 2 Dividend Aristocrats Could Deliver Big-Time Gains...

It's the best of both worlds... strong dividend payers -- but with serious price momentum.

by Jimmy Butts | June 12, 2019
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An Inside Look At How I Pick Stocks

My loyal readers subscribe to my newsletter to learn about an exciting new recommendation in every monthly issue. But where do they come from? Believe it or not, that's one of the most common questions I get. So today I want to spend some time addressing that issue...

by Nathan Slaughter | June 10, 2019
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This Struggling Retailer Can't Seem To Get It Right...

I've lost confidence in management's ability to stay on top of changing trends, which is why I'm telling readers to stay away for now...

by Nathan Slaughter | June 06, 2019
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A Unique Security With One Goal In Mind: More Money In Your Pocket

These unique securities act like stocks, but were designed with one purpose in mind: to deliver more income to investors from some of the most reliable assets on earth...

by Nathan Slaughter | June 03, 2019
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59 Straight Dividend Hikes And Counting...

We've owned this stock for a long time -- and my followers have been rewarded with a total return of nearly 200%. But here's why it's still a "buy" today...

by Nathan Slaughter | May 29, 2019
The Retirement Income Portfolio That Grows Year After Year

The power of compounding through dividend reinvestment can achieve some truly remarkable results for any portfolio. All it takes is a little time and patience...

by StreetAuthority... | May 29, 2019
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4 Stocks That Could Hike Dividends In June

I've found four companies that could hike their dividends in June. For a full list and detailed analysis, read on...

by Nathan Slaughter | May 23, 2019
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One Of The Best, Most Reliable Dividends Around

Make no mistake, this company was built for a single purpose: to throw off a rising stream of tax-advantaged rental income.

by Nathan Slaughter | May 22, 2019
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I'm Holding This "Old Faithful" Stock -- For Now...

This stock has raised dividends like clockwork for 63 consecutive years and hasn't missed a distribution since 1890. Here's why I'm holding on...

by Nathan Slaughter | May 21, 2019