Income Investing

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This Insurance Company Is Almost Unbelievably Profitable

This performance allows it to handsomely reward its investors with a 10.5% dividend yield.

by Richard Robinson | October 23, 2017
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The 1 Sector To Buy And Hold Forever

In today's rapidly evolving market, finding stocks to hold forever can be a challenging task, but there's still one sector you can count on.

by Michael Vodicka | October 20, 2017
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4 Big Winners Yielding Over 10 Percent

While yields this high usually mean a failing business, these income superstars are sitting on solid ground.

by Nathan Slaughter | October 19, 2017
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7 High-Yield Stocks To Safeguard Your Income

My research has identified seven stocks that are still regularly shelling out sizeable income.

by David Goodboy | October 18, 2017
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4 High-Yield, Crash-Proof Investments

As the bull market nears its end, these two asset classes could can provide the yield and protection you need.

by Joseph Hogue | October 17, 2017
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This Chart Pattern Has Been Predicting Big Moves Since The 1920s

The charts are showing we’re once again in a bull market. Here's how I plan to profit.

by Amber Hestla | October 16, 2017
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Never Run Out Of Money With These 5 Stocks

Owning these market-crushing stocks is the key to never running out of money in retirement.

by David Goodboy | October 12, 2017
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$5,000 In Dividends From A $10,000 Investment

It won't happen overnight, but I'm convinced anyone can earn a significant amount of money with this strategy.

by Genia Turanova | October 09, 2017
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The High-Yield, Backdoor Way To Invest In Amazon

The owners of these properties are quietly making a killing -- You can too if you invest in the right place.

by Nathan Slaughter | October 06, 2017
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3 Stocks With Yields Over 10 Percent

In today's low-yield environment, stocks paying over 5% have become a rare breed -- and 10%-plus yielders are practically an endangered species

by Nathan Slaughter | September 29, 2017