International Investing

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Ditch These 3 Stocks Before North Korea Attacks

Even a brief conflict is sure to scare the markets into a correction, but one group of companies could see an even bigger risk from geo-political instability.

by Joseph Hogue | April 18, 2017
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How You Can Invest In The World's Most Innovative Country

It turns out that the United States isn't the most innovative country in the world -- at least not according to this special index.

by Genia Turanova | March 20, 2017
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3 Foreign Companies Primed For An American Buyout

U.S. firms looking for strategic advantages and strong macro-level factors are driving a company-buying spree across multiple sectors.

by Joseph Hogue | March 01, 2017
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Another TSX Stock That Could Be A Smash Hit

The last time a similar stock joined the index, shares jumped 186% in seven months.

by Michael Vodicka | February 23, 2017
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4 Reasons To Bet On China This Year

The country's recent government cash infusion is just the tip of the iceberg.

by David Goodboy | February 02, 2017
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Don't Miss This $92 Billion Government Cash Injection

Watching carefully for additional governmental actions in global economies is the way smart investors rack up outsized gains.

by David Goodboy | January 25, 2017
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A Better Path To Global Diversification

These 11 international stocks yield up to 5.7% -- and are easier to invest in than you might think.

by Nathan Slaughter | January 16, 2017
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The Explosive Growth Market You've Been Looking For

While the broad exchange-traded funds that focus on this country will likely benefit, I have a better plan.

by Genia Turanova | January 13, 2017
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Two Outside-The-Box Emerging Market Investments

These two markets actually stand to benefit from the coming international slowdown

by David Goodboy | November 30, 2016
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Follow The Smart Money Out Of This Hot Sector

Will you continue plowing money into the "hot" sector of 2016, or heed the warning signs?

by David Goodboy | November 22, 2016