International Investing

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Whither Europe? Watch this Sector for Clues

The actions of these businesses will go a long way in determining Europe's future investment climate.

by David Sterman | May 27, 2010
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Get Ready for a Profit Explosion at this Industrial Titan

The world's oldest billion-dollar corporation is in a position to capitalize in a big way on even modest sales gains.

by David Sterman | May 18, 2010
The Bank Bargain of the Decade

The Greek debt crisis has made one of the world's best banks dirt cheap. This reliable profit machine has exposure to fast-growing economies and yields 7%.

by Tom Hutchinson | May 18, 2010
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A World Leader in a Strategic $10 Billion Industry You Never Heard of

When it comes to new technology in the growing avionics market, this company outpaces all the others.

by John Persinos | May 13, 2010
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Euro Panic: What Investors Should Do

Even after the $1 trillion EU/IMF relief package, the euro's status an alternative reserve currency still looks to be in jeopardy. In fact, this rock solid 'currency' is already replacing it...

by Nathan Slaughter | May 12, 2010
A New Breed: A High-Tech Stock With a High Yield

This pick capitalizes on two trends: the growth of emerging markets and information technology. Both are flourishing in a little-noticed and growing corner of the world.

by Tom Hutchinson | May 11, 2010
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This Government Contractor Is Already Flying Above the Stratosphere

Washington needs as much satellite-based intelligence as it can find, and the private companies that sell it to the nation's intelligence agencies are making millions.

by Andy Obermueller | May 10, 2010
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All Eyes on this Chinese Surveillance Stock

Near-term stumbles should lead to improved results in coming quarters.

by David Sterman | May 07, 2010
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This Company is Ahead of the (Tag) Game

The aviation sector increasingly clamors for highly accurate radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. One company is becoming the go-to supplier.

by John Persinos | May 06, 2010
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Nathan Slaughter's May ETF Informer

Nathan Slaughter, editor of The ETF Authority, brings StreetAuthority readers a monthly recap of news in the world of exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

by Nathan Slaughter | May 03, 2010