Energy & Commodities

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Two Turbine Makers Dominate this High-Growth Market

These two companies are poised to benefit from a resurgence in the wind-energy sector.

by Andy Obermueller | April 29, 2010
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Why We Beat the Crowd on Apple

While in the thick of earnings season, it's important for investors to see the forest for the trees. That's what led us to make the call on Apple. Find out why...

by Nathan Slaughter | April 26, 2010
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This Leading Brewer's Prospects Are No Longer on Ice

Though not rapidly growing, this international brewer offers a compelling combination of profit growth and acquisition potential, both of which could lead to big gains for investors.

by Ryan Fuhrmann | April 20, 2010
This Company is Just Beginning (Another) Huge Bull Run

The financial crisis has created a temporary situation that has driven the price of this company down. It's cheap now but on the rise, and it's not going to be on sale much longer.

by Tom Hutchinson | April 09, 2010
This Income Investor's Dream is Cheap Again

A company that offers a high yield and solid growth potential is hard to come by, but this industry leader offers both.

by Tom Hutchinson | April 02, 2010
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Chinese Consumers Love This Brand

A local appliance-maker has been building a strong following in recent years. Learn more about the massive growth potential of this company.

by David Sterman | March 25, 2010
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How to Earn 8.8% From Government Bonds

With the headlines about Greece, many investors are thinking twice about sovereign government debt. But as you'll see, that's exactly why I like it and why I'm using sovereign debt funds to lock in yields of 8.8%.

by Amy Calistri | March 18, 2010
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Own a Piece of Brazil's Future

Investors who want to capture the real potential of emerging powerhouses like Brazil won't look to the traditional exchange-traded funds on the market. They'll look here instead...

by Brad Briggs | March 16, 2010
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The Chinese Behemoth That is (Not-So) Secretly Buying Up the World's Oil Reserves

The list of deals this company has done in the past year will make your chin drop, leaving you with one question: Who's next -- and how do I profit from it?

by Andy Obermueller | March 15, 2010
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The Only Company Left Standing in a $40 Billion Battle

After years of fighting for a massive Air Force contract, one company bows out and hands the business to its rival.

by Andy Obermueller | March 09, 2010