International Investing

Demand from China and India Could Reap Billions for this Company

Despite lackluster demand in the recession, this company still made huge profits. Now, as economies recover in the months and years ahead, this company is positioned for a nice windfall.

by Tom Hutchinson | March 04, 2010
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These Two Letters Could Be The Secret to High Yields

Wait until you see how a small change in the way "pink sheet" stocks are listed opens up a fertile hunting ground for income investors. I've even flagged one intriguing pick that comes thanks to the recent change.

by Carla Pasternak | February 26, 2010
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How to Access this South American 'Miracle' Economy

In the quest for emerging markets with long-term potential, the BRIC powerhouses of Brazil, Russia, India and China almost always take center stage. Rarely do you see much ink devoted to this up-and-coming country.

by Nathan Slaughter | February 21, 2010
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How I Found High Yields Over Lunch

A recent lunch meeting with an old friend left me with a few questions about how to earn a high yield from oil companies. What I uncovered could be the secret key to fattening your income stream courtesy of crude.

by Carla Pasternak | February 18, 2010
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Profit alongside the World's Third Richest Person

This billionaire has a history of creating shareholder value. A new plan to combine three of his businesses could spell profits for investors who get in first.

by Francisco Bermea | February 09, 2010
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One of the Largest Oil Discoveries in 20 Years

This British firm has inked two deals that give it exclusive access to a massive new oil field that has yet to produce a dry hole.

by Andy Obermueller | February 08, 2010
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Meet the Market That Beat the S&P for Over a Century

This developed nation sports a long history as one of the world's best-performing stock markets, topping the S&P 500 for more than 100 years. But the best part is the attractive 6%, 7%, and even 8%-plus dividend yields this country provides.

by Carla Pasternak | February 02, 2010
Let People Pay You 9% to Run Away

This one of a kind company has remained strong through the twin ravages of the Great Recession and the Swine Flu virus. Now, as these problems fade, this great dividend payer is about to get even better.

by Tom Hutchinson | January 27, 2010
A High Yielding Bank with Chinese Growth

One of the best positioned banks in the world for growth also happens to pay a fat dividend. Located amid the fastest growing economies in the world and on the cusp of the worldwide economic recovery, this bank could grow by leaps and bounds.

by Tom Hutchinson | January 13, 2010
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Three Underrated ETF Hotspots

These three countries should be on investors' radar screens for 2010. They may not be the first places that come to mind, but they have a shot at being the year's top performers.

by Brad Briggs | January 08, 2010