International Investing

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How To Avoid The Currency Nightmare In Your Portfolio

A strong dollar and weak international economies could greatly impact your portfolio. Here's how to avoid the currency nightmare.

by Joseph Hogue | February 05, 2015
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4 Stocks To Benefit From European Quantitative Easing

The European Union announced a massive bond buying program and these four companies are poised to prosper from it. Details here.

by Adam Fischbaum | January 30, 2015
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The End Of BRICs... Here's How To Profit

The performance of the major emerging market economies is at a historic disparity and that spells an investing opportunity. Here's what I recommend.

by Joseph Hogue | January 28, 2015
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How To Capitalize On The Eurozone Breakup

Breakups are messy, and when Greece leaves the European Union, there will be winners and losers. Here's everything you need to know. 

by Joseph Hogue | January 13, 2015
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Why International Stocks Are Now On Sale

All signs point away from these stocks, which is why you should be focusing on them.

by David Sterman | January 12, 2015
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The Only Emerging Markets You Should Own Now

Emerging markets are the cheapest they've been in a decade, but some are not worth your time. Here's where to look.

by David Sterman | December 29, 2014
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Forget China, U.S. -- This Is The Best-Performing Market On The Planet

This country has a strong labor force, growing middle class and is poised to be a major player of the global economy. Here's where I'm looking to invest.

by Adam Fischbaum | December 12, 2014
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Will This Country Be The 'Silk Road' Of The 21st Century?

Tension between Europe and Russia equates to strong economic catalysts for this economy. Here's where I see renewed prosperity ahead.

by David Sterman | December 10, 2014
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My Number One International Pick For 2015

When it comes to China, everyone seems to have an opinion. But when it comes to my top stock, price doesn't lie.

by Jim Woods | December 10, 2014
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This Region's Potential Debt Bomb Could Kill Your Portfolio

Increasing debt while the global economy stumbles is a recipe for trouble and these countries are particularly vulnerable. Here's what I recommend.

by David Sterman | December 04, 2014