Investing Basics

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Buffett's Favorite Indicator Is Wrong. Here's Why...

The mainstream financial media liked to call this "Buffett's favorite indicator," but the truth may be very different. Here's my take...

by Amber Hestla | October 18, 2019
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This Old, Forgotten Book Has Made A Fortune For Traders

This old (and famous) book contains wisdom that has helped traders make a fortune -- by saving them from themselves.

by Amber Hestla | October 17, 2019
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The '2% Solution' Can Save Your Portfolio From Disaster

If you want to grow your portfolio, picking winners is only half the battle. This simple principle can save you from big losers that wreck your nest egg.

by Jimmy Butts | October 16, 2019
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7 Key Traits Of Buffett's Greatest Picks

The Oracle of Omaha has made his billions with these timeless investing principles.

by Brad Briggs | October 15, 2019
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One Reason I Got Out Of The Brokerage Business...

Nobody wanted to admit it, but the discount online brokers were poaching customers left and right. The writing was on the wall -- adapt or become obsolete.

by Nathan Slaughter | October 09, 2019
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What Planning Military Convoys Taught Me About Investing

Successful investing isn't something that just "happens" to people -- it requires careful planning, and putting the mission first...

by Amber Hestla | September 26, 2019
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The Most Controversial Thing I Tell People About Successful Investing

Part of my job is to make you a better investor. And sometimes that means saying things that would get me smacked out in public...

by Brad Briggs | September 16, 2019
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How To Invest Like The Witch Of Wall Street

History has mostly forgotten her, but there is much to learn from the approach this fascinating woman took to investing more than 100 years ago.

by Amber Hestla | August 26, 2019
Why You Should Stop Using This Common Investing Tool Immediately

If you're using stop-loss orders, you could be setting yourself up for a big loss. Here's what to do instead.

by Profitable Trad... | August 23, 2019
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This Powerful Tool Can Give You Instant Diversification

Originally created to give investors broad exposure to the market, they now offer easy access to almost any corner of the market, no matter how narrow or obscure. Learn more...

by Genia Turanova | August 20, 2019