Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

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These Firms Could Skyrocket -- Here's How to Own a Piece of All of Them...

After a lull in the exchange-traded fund universe, there has been a flurry of new launches in the past few months. But there's one fund in particular I think should be near the top of your watch list in the new year.

by Nathan Slaughter | January 07, 2010
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Trading Corner: A Brighter Technical Picture for Stocks

The year 2009 ended with the S&P 500 at a crucial technical juncture. The positive trading action of the first day of 2010 did much to resolve the uncertainty.

by Melvin Pasternak | January 04, 2010
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Ten Stocks with Gains for the Ages

These companies inked remarkable gains in 2009. Here’s a look at what they did right, what’s next, and if these companies belong in your portfolio in the New Year.

by Andy Obermueller | December 31, 2009
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A Top Strategist's Revolutionary New Income Strategy

We recently sat down with Amy Calistri -- editor of StreetAuthority's newest publication, The Daily Paycheck -- to get her thoughts on the market.

by Amy Calistri | December 31, 2009
The Income Secret Right Under Your Nose

A sideways market combined with an uncertain future makes it all the more important to focus on safe, steady dividends. One asset class accomplishes this like no other -- but no one seems to notice it. Find out what I'm talking about.

by Tom Hutchinson | December 29, 2009
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Eight Companies That Are Guaranteed Customers Year After Year

Companies usually have to work to keep their customers. Not these businesses. They serve as vital cogs to the American economy. Consumers simply can't live without them, and they've been posting gains year after year.

by Nathan Slaughter | December 18, 2009
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Three Resolutions for a Profitable New Year

Eat whatever you want. Forget exercise. But do these three (painless) things to ensure a happy 2010.

by Andy Obermueller | December 16, 2009
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Profit from the $5 Threshold With These Two Stocks

A stock priced below $5 is officially in "penny-stock" territory, which tends to scare investors away. Several companies are clawing their way back above this level, and some could see a further pop once they do as institutions snap them up.

by Brad Briggs | December 10, 2009
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Sleep Worry-Free with These Inflation-Proof Investments

Never before has the United States banking system been so flush with cash. But you can only pull money out of thin air for so long without triggering inflation. And it's all but certain: Inflation is coming.

Find out which asset class will not only protect your portfolio from inflation but actually profit from it.

by Nathan Slaughter | December 10, 2009
Profit from China's Terrible Problem

China is the growth engine of the world. But, it has a massive problem. This company is coming to the rescue. And, the money just keeps rolling in.

by Tom Hutchinson | December 09, 2009