Investing Basics

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Take a Peek at Your Congressman's Test Portfolio

How did members of Congress make out with their investments during this downturn? Find out what were the most widely-held stocks in Congress and how Obama avoided losses in the market.

by Andy Obermueller | August 06, 2009
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Do You Own One of the 10 Most-Hated Stocks On Wall Street?

Investors are placing massive bets against these 10 S&P 500 companies. Make sure you don't own these stocks -- my research is telling me they're about to plummet.

by Andy Obermueller | August 06, 2009
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This Dow Stock is Still Way Undervalued After This Rally

There are three Dow stocks trading for less than book value. One will gain as much as +65%. If you buy now, you'll buy its assets at a discount -- and get its business for nothing.

by Brad Briggs | August 03, 2009
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Buffett Warns Investors -- Avoid This Troubled Industry

This problematic industry has never made any money, and it has a long history of bankruptcies.  But in a strange twist of fate, another industry -- which operates in a similar line of business -- is one of the single best places for your money.

by Andy Obermueller | July 29, 2009
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Capture Nearly 5% Yields... from Your Checking Account?

The average American earns almost nothing -- just 0.64% -- on his or her checking account.  Stop throwing your money away and start earning nearly 5%.  Here's how.

by Anthony Haddad | July 29, 2009
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How SEC Restrictions Will Affect 'Short' and 'Ultrashort' ETFs

The SEC has laid out new rules for short-selling. Investors may own the popular short and ultrashort ETFs and these securities may be affected.

by Kyle Hartman | July 28, 2009
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Three Signals for Value Investors in Today's Market

As the market rebounds from its March low, value investors should pay attention to these three 'buy' signals. Nathan Slaughter's advice could net investors triple-digit gains.

by Nathan Slaughter | July 27, 2009
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Update on Second-Quarter Earnings Reports

The three companies we picked to lead after today's earnings releases did, in fact, lead the market. See how they fared.

by Meredith Margrave | July 21, 2009
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The U.S. Dollar is Falling Fast -- Get Out Now

The dollar has been losing ground in recent months, and thanks to ballooning budget deficits, the worst is yet to come. Protect your portfolio with these rock-solid international investments.

by Anthony Haddad | July 21, 2009
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Three (Post-Earnings) Predictions for Apple

Everyone knows that the beloved maker of the iPhone and iPod will release earnings in a few hours. Here's what's going to happen to the company in the months to come.

by Andy Obermueller | July 21, 2009