Investing Basics

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Companies that Crush Their Peers

It's no secret that the most successful "category killers" have been some of the market's biggest winners. Companies like like Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) and Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) weren't always dominant -- they steadily gained market share and crushed the competition over time. I've identified two companies that show similar traits.

by Nathan Slaughter | November 25, 2009
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The Most Valuable Business in the United States

The most valued company in the United States is not the firm you think it is. There's certainly something to be said for staying power.

by Andy Obermueller | November 19, 2009
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Three Things the Market is Missing About Buffett's Buying

Wall Street is parsing the details of Buffett's latest SEC filing, here's the story behind the numbers.

by Andy Obermueller | November 17, 2009
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High-Yielders with a Decade of Sales Growth

These companies have grown their revenue every year for a decade, and they now yield more than 6%.

by Anthony Haddad | November 17, 2009
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The Best Income Index You've Never Heard of

One of the best places to hunt for income ideas are the numerous indices focused on dividend stocks. I've uncovered one index that is a little-known "sister" of the famous S&P Dividend Aristocrats Index. Its unique take on finding income stocks could lead you to some of the most attractive yields on the market.

by Carla Pasternak | November 06, 2009
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Trade Free for Life with These New Securities

These new financial products offered by one of the biggest names in the business have the industry’s lowest fees -- and give investors commission-free trades for life.

by Anthony Haddad | November 05, 2009
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The Best DRIP in America Now Yields 8.6%

This high-yielder's dividend is well covered and growing, and the company has a dividend reinvestment program that puts your money right back to work for you.

by Anthony Haddad | November 04, 2009
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Buffett Loves These Misunderstood Investments

Last October, when the markets seemed at their worst, Warren Buffett told us not to give up on U.S. stocks. But it was one investment in particular that stands out as perhaps his shrewdest move in decades. Learn about these little known income securities and how a major disconnect in the market can still net big yields and significant appreciation potential for investors.

by Nathan Slaughter | November 04, 2009
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The Fine Print of Buffett's $44 Billion Deal

Everyday investors will have a chance to own the market's most coveted investment -- Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway -- for the first time. Here's how.

by Andy Obermueller | November 03, 2009
Pay Yourself What Social Security Won't

For the first time in nearly 35 years there will be no cost of living adjustment in payments to Social Security recipients. But for many, monthly bills will increase anyway. We've uncovered one investment class that can help you increase your income despite the lack of help from Social Security.

by Tom Hutchinson | November 02, 2009