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Finding Double Digit Yields In Today's Market

Last year, you could find junk bonds with 20%-plus yields. Locating a double-digit yielding REIT wasn't a problem back in March, either. The yields on these income investments have since dropped. But there is still one investment out there that has your double-digit income needs covered.

by Amy Calistri | October 12, 2009
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This Strategy Delivers a +9.4% Payoff in a Week -- Again and Again

Investors who used this simple strategy made +9.4% in one week. Not just once, either: It happened 11 times last year. And it's going to keep happening.

by Amy Calistri | October 08, 2009
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The Safest High-Yield Electric Utilities

Electric companies are often thought of as safe investments. This "Best in Class" utility lives up to that reputation.

by Francisco Bermea | October 07, 2009
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The Next Sector to Outperform the Market

Financials have outperformed other sectors by a wide margin since March. Historical sector rotation patterns tell us what's coming next and which sectors we should now be looking to for market-beating gains.

by Anthony Haddad | October 01, 2009
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The Best of Both Worlds: Buyback Leaders with Hefty, Growing Dividends

Few companies have been consistently buying back shares and increasing dividends year after year. Here are two that not only do this, but also yield 6% or more.

by Anthony Haddad | October 01, 2009
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The Just-Released Formula for Predicting High-Yield Winners

Total returns are a combination of dividends paid and capital gains. Unfortunately, capital gains are largely ignored by many investors seeking a stable income stream. But I've run across a new study that will help you find the best way to add capital gains to your returns, and help you predict future high-yield winners.

by Carla Pasternak | September 30, 2009
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Mergers Are Set to Explode -- Don't Miss This Chance

A few highly publicized deals have grabbed the headlines lately, but these buyouts are just the beginning. Conditions are prime for a boom in mergers and acquisitions. Here's what investors need to know about this trend.

by Brad Briggs | September 25, 2009
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What this Little-Known Metric is Signaling Investors to Buy

An often-overlooked ratio unearthed an S&P 500 company that's trading at a substantial discount. This one-of-a-kind business has such a wide moat that not even Uncle Sam can break up its monopoly.

by Brad Briggs | September 21, 2009
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Lock in a Lower Tax Rate (Before Uncle Sam Raises It)

Washington’s massive spending will eventually mean higher taxes, but a little-known rule change taking affect in 2010 will allow investors to reduce their future tax burden.

by Amy Calistri | September 17, 2009
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Everyone Is Wrong about the U.S. Dollar

No one's talking about the possibility of the U.S. dollar gaining strength. A look at the greenback's fundamentals shows it may be poised for a bullish trend.

by Anthony Haddad | September 16, 2009