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The Five Most Foolish Business Moves -- So Far -- of 2009

Some of the world's most noticeable names in business are on this list, General Electric and Apple. Also included are Michael Jackson's financiers, standing room only airplanes, and the Obama administration's clunker of a deal.

by Brad Briggs | July 07, 2009
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Answers to Your Questions About Profiting From Government Actions

The United States government is committing over $13 trillion to get the economy back on track. Companies are readily accepting this cash and putting it to good use while investors are clamoring to learn just how they can profit from the greatest financial force on the planet. An informed investor will be a successful investor. Let's take a look at your questions -- and the answers.

by Andy Obermueller | May 14, 2009
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A 15.7% Yield with a Growth Engine

This closed-end fund taps into the appreciation potential of the Nasdaq 100, while delivering an outstanding yield.  Carla Pasternak, editor of StreetAuthority's High-Yield Investing, shows you a dividend capturing machine, that boasts a significant appreciation potential as an added extra.

by Carla Pasternak | May 14, 2009
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Get Your Share of the Government's Spending Spree

The last time U.S. federal government spending topped 28% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in the White House and the nation was fighting all-out war on two major fronts. Some will argue that this spending is necessary to lift the U.S. economy from a serious and painful recession. Others believe the government's massive spending plans will ultimately spell higher inflation and a rising tax burden for future generations. But, one thing is for certain: the amount of fiscal and monetary stimulus emanating from Washington is unprecedented in U.S. financial history and all that cash spells a profits bonanza for certain key companies and industry groups.

by Paul Tracy | April 30, 2009
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What Buffett Says About Diversification Will Shock You

The Wall Street "experts" always say diversification is key to having a stable portfolio. But buying an S&P 500 Index fund would have returned -38.7% over the last year. Doesn't sound too stable to me. What we're seeing in today's market is a school of thought that even Warren Buffett has subscribed to for years -- simplifying your portfolio and concentrating on your best ideas -- is the best way to beat the Street.

by Amy Calistri | April 23, 2009
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Is Your Dividend Endangered?

With so many companies cutting and even suspending dividends, how can investors protect themselves?  Carla Pasternak -- editor of High-Yield Investing --  explains how to find healthy funds that are unlikely to suspend dividend distributions.

by Carla Pasternak | March 14, 2009
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Microsoft's Next Move Could Earn You +1,900%

Microsoft announced Friday that it would begin to open retail stores and had hired a veteran Wal-Mart executive to run the initiative. Building a retail footprint for the world's No. 1 software maker will take time and money.  Microsoft has one but not the other. It can't wait any longer to make up the retail ground it has lost to Apple. I think that spells merger, and there's an obvious takeover candidate.

by Andy Obermueller | February 17, 2009
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Three Value Strategies You Can Use to Beat the Market Today

The market is in turmoil, economic growth has flat-lined, companies are struggling to survive and investors are in full panic mode. This is the perfect recipe for value investors.  With valuations at their lowest levels in years, the market is offering some of the best opportunities I've ever seen. Three areas in particular are showing the best chance for value investors right now.

by Nathan Slaughter | February 10, 2009