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Second Chance to Buy a Bottom for a Potential 340% Gain

Traders always say "Don't fight the fed." In a global market, it might be wise not to fight the ECB either. This undervalued play could be a big winner in the months to come.

by Amber Hestla | September 03, 2012
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2 Ways to Leverage the Next Major Market Move

The summer lull is likely coming to an end. Whether you're a bull or bear, it's time to place your bet.

by Jim Woods | August 31, 2012
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Rare 'Irrational' Indicator Sets Up a Trade

ECB President Mario Draghi is calling the fears in Europe 'irrational,' but for contrarian investors this is an opportunity to short European stocks.

by Michael J. Carr | August 31, 2012
Double Your Money While Everyone is Looking the Other Way

The financial sector has held its ground and quietly recovered against the backdrop of never-ending euro zone fears -- and this stock is poised for a breakout.

by Alan Knuckman | August 31, 2012
Get Paid While Waiting for a Facebook Turnaround

This popular tech stock has been a rather disapointment since its IPO, but there are still ways to profit. Here's how...

by Alan Knuckman | August 29, 2012
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A Virtually Guaranteed Winner in a Very Dull Stock Market

As traders, we can take advantage of the later summer doldrums in the market and open a trade that is virtually a guaranteed winner. Check out this chart to see what I mean...

by Amber Hestla | August 28, 2012
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The Best Stock to Own for Extreme Market Volatility

If history is repeating itself, then this stock could be headed for massive gains...

by Michael Vodicka | August 16, 2012
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Whatever you do, Stay Away from These Stocks

Shareholders continue to get fleeced by these companies. Here's why you should avoid them like the plague...

by David Sterman | September 30, 2011
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This "Fear Trade" Could Bring You 87% Gains

This reliable trade could let you capitalize on others' market fears, paving the way to profits of 87% or more.

by Deborah O'Malley | April 26, 2011
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3 Signs It May be Time to Take Profits in This Red-Hot Sector

Here's why you should lock in your gains before a pullback

by Adam Fischbaum | April 19, 2011