Value Investing

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Where Have All The Good Deals Gone?

Despite recent pullbacks, this market is still expensive. But here's why you shouldn't give up on trying to find a great stock trading for a fair price...

by Jimmy Butts | August 21, 2019
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The Timeless Investment Every Serious Portfolio Should Have

Forward-looking, billionaire investors like Warren Buffett are placing big bets on this scarce investment. Here's why you should consider doing the same...


by Nathan Slaughter | August 01, 2019
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16 Undervalued Growth Opportunities You Don't Want To Miss

A simple metric to help find undervalued stocks on the verge of massive growth.

by Jimmy Butts | July 26, 2019
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5 Small Cap Stocks With Growth AND Value

The prospect of having the best of both worlds (growth and value) rolled up into one stock is just too good to pass up. Here's what I found...

by Genia Turanova | June 20, 2019
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Is It Time To Sell This 'No-Brainer' Stock?

It's one of our longest-tenured portfolio holdings -- and it's beaten the market by 50 percentage points... But it's run into trouble recently. Is it still worth owning today?

by Jimmy Butts | June 14, 2019
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Investors Are Terrified Of This Sector -- And I'm Glad

When it comes to investing, some of the best deals you can find are when others are terrified. Here's what I found...

by Jimmy Butts | May 31, 2019
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I Found 5 Stocks With The "Ben Graham Method"

What if you could buy a stock for just 80 cents or 90 cents on the dollar? That's tough in today's market -- but we can get pretty close...

by Nathan Slaughter | May 28, 2019
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13 Stocks With Plenty Of Cash

In the later stages of a bull market like this one, you're better off owning stocks like these...

by Jimmy Butts | April 24, 2019
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Secrets Of The Greatest Investor You've Never Heard Of

You've likely never heard of this self-made billionaire -- but his story reminds us that regular folks can use patience and discipline to generate Buffett-like results.

by Jimmy Butts | April 17, 2019
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How I Use Buffett's Advice To Earn Huge Yields And Capital Gains

What Warren Buffett has to say about diversification may shock you. But if you heed his advice, it can build serious wealth over the long haul...

by Nathan Slaughter | April 11, 2019