Value Investing

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Is the New iPad a Good Reason to Buy Apple?

Investors are wondering whether Steve Jobs' latest device will deliver more iPhone-like returns.

by Andy Obermueller | January 27, 2010
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How a Midwestern Couple Turned $30,000 into $300 Million

Ever dream of hitting the lottery? In 1957, Bill and Dr. Carol Angle did much better than that. They happened on a young man teaching a class simply named "Investing Principles" that would change their lives forever.

by Nathan Slaughter | January 26, 2010
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This Undervalued Company's Expansion Could Spell Big Gains

This discount grocer hired a former Wal-Mart exec as its CEO and is already seeing results. An aggressive plan to open more than 1,000 new discount stores should lead to big gains for shareholders in the years ahead.

by Francisco Bermea | January 26, 2010
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The Stock to Own in this Out-of-Favor Sector

This high-flying airline should flourish in a rising economy, but its balance sheet should also provide a strong cushion if we hit bumpy skies again.

by David Sterman | January 22, 2010
Why 2010 is THE Year for This Investment

An improving economy and historically low valuations have created an ideal situation for this sector.

by Tom Hutchinson | January 19, 2010
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An Undervalued Industry Leader with +66% Upside Potential

This insurance company has increased its dividend for 26 straight years, grown revenue for more than a decade and trades at a steep discount to its historical valuations. Shares could jump +66% as they approach their historic valuation.

by Francisco Bermea | January 18, 2010
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Looking Beyond Banks to Uncover Truly Excellent Value

Bank balance sheets might make banks seem like great values, though very few are. These two securities, however, sidestep the minefield of financial institutions and not only offer investors a truly good deal but also offer rich dividend income.

by Andy Obermueller | January 17, 2010
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Why I'm Buying Citigroup

Tuesday’s earnings announcement is likely to provide a pop for these troubled shares after JP Morgan's revenue misses expectations and sends banks lower.

by Andy Obermueller | January 15, 2010
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Don't Miss the Best Pharma Value on the Market

One of the market's most well-known drug giants is trading at single digit valuations -- a value that won't last long. Plus, the company has paid dividends for more than 120 years and yields 5.5%.

by Brad Briggs | January 15, 2010
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The Company Poised to Rebound with the Improving Economy

As the long economic downturn subsides, consumers will begin to re-enter a market they abandoned when the housing bubble burst. That’s one very good reason to invest in this industry leader.

by Andy Obermueller | January 14, 2010