Value Investing

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This Buffett Holding is Poised to Jump +33%

This sector has only four major players, making them virtual monopolies. Warren Buffett loves these businesses so much, he owns three of them.

by Nathan Slaughter | August 21, 2009
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Your Chance for a 10.6% Yield is Closing Fast

There's an opportunity for investors to capture double-digit yields, but it's closing fast. If you act quickly, there's still time to lock in these yields while also setting your portfolio up for capital gains.

by Carla Pasternak | August 21, 2009
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This Wal-Mart Defector May Create the Turnaround Story of the Year

This discount grocer was only too happy to tap a former Wal-Mart executive to be its new CEO. Now, the firm's change in strategy could lead to big gains for shareholders in the years ahead.

by Francisco Bermea | August 20, 2009
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Seven Companies that Beat Buffett at His Own Game

The beloved Berkshire Hathaway chairman has been playing by his own rules, using an investing metric few people understand. But I've found seven stocks that have bested the Oracle of Omaha this decade.

by Andy Obermueller | August 18, 2009
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This Liquid Asset Should Never Be Watered Down

Like fine art, other rare collectibles -- like this $16,000 scotch -- can hold value and even dramatically increase in value.

by Anthony Haddad | August 11, 2009
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Wall Street is Wrong about Buffett's Successor

Here's how things in the executive suite will shake out when it comes time to replace Warren Buffett as the head of Berkshire Hathaway.

by Andy Obermueller | August 05, 2009
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This Dow Stock is Still Way Undervalued After This Rally

There are three Dow stocks trading for less than book value. One will gain as much as +65%. If you buy now, you'll buy its assets at a discount -- and get its business for nothing.

by Brad Briggs | August 03, 2009
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Three Signals for Value Investors in Today's Market

As the market rebounds from its March low, value investors should pay attention to these three 'buy' signals. Nathan Slaughter's advice could net investors triple-digit gains.

by Nathan Slaughter | July 27, 2009
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The Four Things Warren Buffett Should Do Right Now

Super-investor Warren Buffett sold a $200 million chunk of his stake in Moody's after I recently suggested he dump shares of the ratings agency. Here are four other things Buffett can do to increase shareholder value at Berkshire Hathaway.

by Andy Obermueller | July 24, 2009
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The "Best-Managed Bank in America"

This rare gem completely avoided the financial crisis, outperforming its peers by 97%.  And now that conditions are improving, its shares could easily double from current levels.

by Brad Briggs | July 22, 2009