Active Trading

Just a few years ago, Eastman Kodak (NYSE: EK) looked set to go the way of the dodo bird. Obituaries for this former “Nifty Fifty” stalwart were being written at a furious pace as the digital photography revolution seemingly passed the company by. But Kodak has staged a phoenix-like rise… Read More

Every year, a handful of stocks emerge as intriguing high-growth stories that attract hordes of momentum investors. Shares of these hot stocks can climb and climb until the valuations move into the stratosphere. And then, inevitably, a company can become big enough that it… Read More

You’ll often see all of the same companies within a similar sector trade in tandem. That’s why many investors buy stock in company B after their rival, company A, blew past estimates. But that logic failed to hold for investors in Hutchinson Technology (Nasdaq: HTCH), which supplies subcomponents to disk… Read More

Semiconductor stocks continue to deliver upside surprises. Integrated Silicon Solution (Nasdaq: ISSI), is up nearly +20% today after topping estimates by a handy margin for the fourth straight quarter. Shares, which trade for less than 15 times projected 2010 profits, could see continued… Read More