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In a recent interview with Money magazine, finance guru Roger Ibbotson stated that, as an investor, what is “most relevant to you is whether and how you’re doing something different from what everybody else is doing.” For those not familiar with Roger Ibbotson, he is worth getting… Read More

$138 billion — that’s the enormous sum earned by the five largest oil companies back in 2008 when crude oil prices surged to all-time highs near $150 per barrel. Exxon Mobil (NYSE: XOM) alone earned more than $45 billion, a figure which now stands as the record for… Read More

There’s a balance between performance and stability when it comes to stock prices. Equities priced under $5 per share can offer huge percentage returns, but are generally volatile. Stocks priced more than $10 are generally more predictable, but offer a muted upside. In between $5 and $10 though, stocks offer… Read More

Like every investor, I try to read voraciously to get an edge. I’m always on the lookout for investment angles that haven’t gotten much press but could eventually turn into a market-moving event. So my ears perked up last week when I saw that hedge fund traders have… Read More