Energy & Commodities

With the market oscillating between down and flat for the year, an old friend of mine, Tom, asked the other day why I was so chipper about the market. He had just received his 401(k) statement and was very disappointed. “I’m up,” I told him. “I’m way… Read More

It’s no secret. Markets have been tanking. Investors are fearful that the debt crisis in Europe will derail the recovery. As many analysts predict slower economic growth or a “new normal” in the years ahead, high dividend stocks could replace growth… Read More

The major credit ratings agencies continue to be caught in the crossfire of finger pointing that has occurred since the housing bubble burst and fanned the flames of a major credit crisis in late 2008. There has been much talk of increasing regulation of these firms, and very recently the… Read More

After expending a great deal of political capital on health reform, many expected the Obama administration to push off energy and climate legislation into next year. But with the pool of oil growing in the Gulf of Mexico by the day, President Obama has moved his energy legislation agenda back… Read More