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I’ve noticed an emerging trend from my subscribers. It started out about two years ago as a whisper. Month by month, email by email, that whisper has become a little louder. Today, I’m hearing it loud and clear and received my last email about it just a… Read More

I believe the odds of a double-dip recession in 2011 are high — very high. The U.S. and global economies are struggling. You might think that good earnings reports here in the United States are indicative of an… Read More

Careful what you wish for. That’s the hard-learned lesson gleaned by investors and industry executives seeking their fortune in natural gas. Just a few years ago, they wished to find more natural gas in the ground and under the sea bed. They did, hitting mother lode after mother lode. Now,… Read More

After surging to a new all-time high of $1,258.58 an ounce on Friday, the yellow metal certainly could come under pressure from profit-taking or some other yet unknown exogenous event. However, for lots and lots of reasons, I like gold in this market. Here’s why: To begin… Read More

The oil industry is in the midst of dealing with one of the largest spills in history. The consequences could be dire for firms focused on offshore drilling, with a current six-month moratorium on drilling in the United States and a slew of new regulations and safety procedures being prepared… Read More

With the market oscillating between down and flat for the year, an old friend of mine, Tom, asked the other day why I was so chipper about the market. He had just received his 401(k) statement and was very disappointed. “I’m up,” I told him. “I’m way… Read More