Growth Investing

Less than a month ago I told you about what amounted to a rule change at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Obama administration adjusted an output timetable for the production of cellulosic ethanol, an advanced biofuel. Now, if you didn’t hear this gripping news from me,… Read More

We can all be thankful for the remarkable rebound in the stock market, which has helped to rebuild many portfolios during the past 11 months. Stocks may power yet higher if the economy is indeed on the mend, but concerns remain that we’re due… Read More

When a hot new technology shoots out of the gate, investors often get spoiled. They expect demand to keep growing and growing, and have little patience when the industry hits an inevitable speed bump. In recent years, carbon fiber garnered considerable buzz, as the lightweight — yet super-strong — material found its… Read More

In a highly uncertain environment, one thing is clear. The demand for health care will not merely continue… It will dramatically increase in the years to come. Health care has always been a “defensive” industry, as people get sick no matter… Read More

They say success comes at a price. The same thing applies to capital gains. Most investors forgot that lesson in the 1990s, when high-growth “dot-com” stocks were all the rage. Growth at any price was the name of the game, and some investors paid dearly for it. Read More