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May 20, 2018 - 06:32 PM

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The 5 Traits Of Safe High-Yield Stocks

Here are my five criteria to narrowing the investing universe to only the best dividend payers.

by Nathan Slaughter
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Is This The End Of Crude Oil As We Know It?

Here's your chance to buy one of the world's most well-run companies for a discount -- and pocket a yield twice as high as the market average.

by Andy Obermueller
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The New Normal For High Yields... And What You Can Do About It

Instead of chasing high yields, I look at a dividend payer's long-term potential. Here's how to find the best high-yielders for the long-term

by Nathan Slaughter
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Why Most Investors Lose Money -- And How Not To Be One Of Them

This essay could completely change the way you think about investing -- and finally give you the returns you're looking for.

by Jimmy Butts
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The Simplest Move To Reduce Your Tax Bill

Imagine how much better retirement would be if you could withdraw money from your accounts without sending Washington a check.

by Nathan Slaughter