StreetAuthority’s Syndication Guidelines


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Please feel free to pick and choose which pieces of our content suits your needs. We believe that when you syndicate our content—everyone wins. 

All we ask is you follow the checklist below.


Republishing Checklist:


  1. Please contact Nate Equall ( to establish a prior relationship.
  2. Please leave every headline and link as it is shown in the article
  3. Please display the listed author, article title, and
  4. Please link to the original StreetAuthority article - either in the by-line or at the end of the article. Please use the original URL from the article for this purpose. Additionally, please include “StreetAuthority”, the article’s headline, or the article’s URL for the anchor text of the link.
  5. Please do not use the "No Follow" variable within the rel attribute.
  6. Please do not compromise any of the content by rewriting the article and republishing.

Thank you for your partnership.


We hope that you enjoy taking advantage of StreetAuthority’s syndication feature. Please feel free to contact Nate Equall ( with any questions.