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Newport News , Virginia

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Great stuff and very interesting. I've taken a small slice of your favorite game-changers. Thank you, Andy! Keep up the interesting flow of ideas. I love your seasoned take on new markets and [your] grasp of new technologies.

-- Julian E.

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-- Stan
Millbrae , California

The Daily Paycheck is a great resource. I follow about half of your "5" ranked.

-- Julian E.

"I have every newsletter since you began The Daily Paycheck and use them as a reference all the time. As I am a novice to purchasing and selling equities, I am learning quite a lot from your newsletter. Thank you for a great job."

-- Comment on Subscriber Survey

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-- Michael M

"I'm new to it, but I am up over $2000 the first month. I felt from the very first time I got through your video that I had found something I've been looking for, for a very long time. I heard Bob Brinker on the radio over 20 years ago and knew almost instantly that this was someone real, someone sincere, someone I could trust. Your video spoke to me the same way. I'm thrilled to have found your work and feel it has changed my life."

-- Tim T

"I invested in SBUX and SDRL after they became picks using the Kirkpatrick rules that are described in the book, "The Definitive Guide to Relative Strength Investing."  On SBUX, I have made $212 or 2.71% in 3 weeks. On SDRL, I made $44 until it became a sell."

-- Dave F.
Shelburne , Ontario

"SBUX was a good buy, it went up right away. $1,100 gain (so far). It took patience, but I made a $500 gain on PCP as well."

-- Steve B.
Germantown , Maryland

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