I started using your program in April of 2011. To date I have collected $440,000 and as much as possible was reinvested automatically. The program works so well and thank you so much for making it available to us.

Syracuse Joe W. New York

"Thank you for what you do. I have our 401k right where I want it and I don't need to micro-manage it, nor do I have to worry about the market's ups and downs."

Clinton Township Bob C. Michigan

"I manage my daughter's Roth IRA accounts and IRA acounts, which I started for them when they were around 8 years old. Now they are 27, 29, and 31. I also manage IRA accounts and Roth IRAs and regular trading accounts with TD Ameritrade for myself and my wife. Together I manage $174,610. Since reading The Daily Paycheck, I have switched some of their holdings over to monthly dividends only - reinvesting the dividend. So far this year some accounts are up 5%, some are up 10%. One of my daughters was able to use $10,000 out of her Roth IRA to purchase her first home. Big advantage most people do not even know about."

Marlton Richard P. New Jersey

"I had just lost my job and was given a very nice severance package, but interest rates were so low and I needed this money to last and earn more than 1%. My first investing report was The Daily Paycheck. Amy wrote so clear and was easy to understand even for a newbie. I read her reports, loaded up on other StreetAuthority newsletters, and read books. My first trades were the recommended BIP and UTG. I am up $2,800 on BIP which is gains and dividends and $792 on UTG which is mainly dividends. I made other trades based on StreetAuthority's portfolios, and since late 2011 I've made $3,000 in (reinvested) dividends alone. I am very happy with The Daily Paycheck, and Amy's sound advice and insight into stocks from which I can continue my research on. I have definitely made more trading than leaving it in a savings account!"

St. Petersburg Maureen F. Florida

"In February of 2002, I began buying three stocks each month, with about $3,500 in each stock. My totals now are about $16,000 dividends per year at the moment. I look forward to your excellent service each month. Many thanks!"

Harshaw Dean W. Wisconsin

"I opened an account for The Daily Paycheck in February, 2013, with $172,002.  It’s value today (July 26, 2013) is $176,280. Total dividends received (and reinvested) = $3,726.28 for Feb, Mar, April, May, June, and partial July."

Plymouth Roger B. Minnesota

"I have 28 investments from The Daily Paycheck portfolio. My retirement is very comfortable, thanks to The Daily Paycheck."

Milwaukee Wayne C. Wisconsin

"I started The Daily Paycheck three years ago in October. Today I have 60 holdings totaling $150,000 cost basis, $2,500 each. I love this portfolio. I follow Amy almost all the time. By October my total will be $213,000 if it stays the same -- a 46.6% gain. My monthly dividends are $1,300, or 10% return. I've received 40 dividend checks this month alone!"

Clarkston Lee S. Washington

It makes me money--reliably. Probably the best advisory newsletter I buy. Amy is thorough, provides easy to understand commentary and she operates transparently. I can see not only what she recommends, but also I can see actual performance. I invest with her many times and when I do, I am content with the results. Does it get any better than that?

Broomfield Bill K. Colorado

I love how easy it is. Amy spells it all out for me. The amount of shares and the price, and most importantly when to rebalance or exit a position. She explains the market conditions and how the shares will fit into the portfolio in a language I can understand. I respect her knowledge and I enjoy her stories, and love her signature hat.

Wende W. Colorado

Our dividends all together are about $40,000 a year. We reinvest whenever we can.  Mostly we just build it up. We bought a new car last year and could pay for it.  I depend on you completely for ideas and advice.  We had some very lean years in investing before I found you.

Wende W. Colorado

I started your service in February 2010. So far I have invested about $80,000.00 and own 37 of the stocks in your portfolio. To date, I have received $13,784.29 in dividend payments which bought me 1046+  of new shares. Thanks so much for the good ideas and keep them coming.

Boise Jim C. Idaho

I have tried to duplicate Amy's Portfolio, even the clunkers.  It's hard for me to give you an exact % gain, although the total dollar value of the Portfolio is always rising.  It's over 10% for the last year.

Downers Grove Charles A. Illinois

Our portfolio model has over $90M for 300 plus clients... started in August of 2009 with about $5M... we earn about $7M in dividends and distribute about $3M in income... We are growing our business with your help.

Salem John C. South Carolina

I get about $4,200 per month from our investments.

Vancouver Curtis S. Washington

The Daily Paycheck is a great resource. I follow about half of your "5" ranked.

Julian E.

"During these turbulent times I am able to keep my portfolio on an even keel thanks to your great picks and the high dividend they provide."

Hilton Bob W. New York

"Amy ... Don't mess with anything ... you've done a good job to this point, and what you present to your readers is helpful, concise, to the point, and I believe it is well thought out. You always point out the yield. And you always explain the growth factors concerning dividends and capital gains potentials ... and how stable an income producer a particular security is. Good job Amy!"

Tulsa Ellis G. Oklahoma

"I have developed the utmost respect for you and your approach to investing. I enjoy reading your little bits of life that you tell us and then your outlook on your picks."

Plainfield John L. Indiana

"I have every newsletter since you began The Daily Paycheck and use them as a reference all the time. As I am a novice to purchasing and selling equities, I am learning quite a lot from your newsletter. Thank you for a great job."

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