January 27, 2017
Why The S&P 500 Could Hit A New All-Time High In 2017

Despite the usual bevy of obstacles, I believe the S&P 500 is up to the challenge.

January 23, 2017
2017's Best-Of-The-Best Stocks

Any way you look at it, 2016 was an excellent year for U.S. stocks. However, you could have easily done even better.

December 21, 2016
A Dodd-Frank Re-Do Triggers This 4.5 Percent Yield

Potential regulatory changes could mean even bigger margins for the Amazon of trading.

December 21, 2016
Avoid the Bond Carnage With These Misunderstood High-Yielders

When "safe" bonds tank, these underappreciated bonds pay out a 5.5% yield.

December 13, 2016
$50 Oil Will Fortify This Energy Giant's 7% Dividend Yield

The rising price of oil solidifies this company's reliable, market-beating dividend payments.

November 14, 2016
Get 15 Percent Off The Leader In Online Romance

A miss on overly optimistic expectations has this stock trading at an attractive discount.

November 08, 2016
Record Sales Are Driving This Stock's Price to New Highs

Buy into this controversial growth stock while it's still trading at a 44 percent discount to the S&P 500

November 01, 2016
The Market Hasn't Seen An Opportunity Like This Since 1933

A 204% gain in 10 months is just the beginning for this early leader in medical marijuana

October 28, 2016
This Market Leader Just Started A New Growth Spurt

After obliterating earnings expectations last quarter, this innovator is expected to continue its rapid growth.

October 20, 2016
Turn A Rate Hike Into A Gain With This Stock

The next rate hike isn't a matter of "if", only "when". That makes this the perfect time to buy this stock...

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