December 17, 2018
How My Vacation Led Me To My Latest Pick

I've learned to put some distance between my personal interests and my investments. However, there are times when the two intersect beautifully...

December 12, 2018
The Biggest Trend In The Market Right Now

I can't think of another industry with such a long growth runway.

December 10, 2018
I Found 5 Solid Income Stocks With Zero Debt

Just about every public company borrows money, but I found five stocks with none at all. Even better, they pay solid yields to investors...

December 03, 2018
Dividends From Overseas? It's Easier Than You Think...

It's a well-known fact that U.S. companies offer mediocre dividend yields. But if you cast the net a bit wider, you can land much larger payouts overseas.

November 16, 2018
What In The World Is Happening With Oil Prices?!?

It's the bear market hardly anyone is talking about. Here's what you need to know, and how we're going to profit...

November 13, 2018
7 Large-Cap Stock Funds Trading At Discounts

I've found a few funds that hold some of the market's top-quality value stocks. Even better, they all pay monster dividend yields...

November 08, 2018
Why These 'Hated' Stocks Are About To Have Their Day

Value stocks have underperformed growth for a while now, but that's about to change. Here's why...

November 07, 2018
Dividends And Value Stocks Have Been Ignored In This Market...

I'm not suggesting that a market correction is imminent, but it never hurts to be prepared by shifting into defensive value stocks.

November 05, 2018
The Little-Known Way To Profit From Interest Rate Hikes

If you don't like the idea of settling for what the bank gives, then invest in what it receives. Here's how...

October 19, 2018
6 High-Yield Stocks That Will Help You Survive The Next Downturn

Concerned that the recent market turbulence might intensify into a full-blown correction? These picks can help you weather the storm...

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