This ‘Chaos Trade’ Could Save Your Portfolio From The Unthinkable…

About four years ago, our publisher introduced me to a man who knows more about options trading than anyone I’ve ever met.

This man is something of a wunderkind. He began trading options at age 16 and quickly found himself making upward of $600,000 a year. Nowadays, you might find him as a regularly featured guest on financial news programs over at CNBC or Fox Business.

If you’ve been a regular reader of StreetAuthority Insider, then you probably know who I’m talking about: Jared Levy, Chief Investment Strategist of Profit Amplifier.

Now, those of you who have followed Jared over the years know that his read on the market is nearly impeccable. That’s thanks to years of experience in the trenches of the high-stakes trading pits in Philadelphia and New York, as well as his sophisticated-yet-simple method of trading.

But when Jared came to us with a “crazy hunch” nearly a year ago… we thought he was kidding, or absolutely bonkers.

“Is Jared OK?”

This question, raised by one of our younger employees around the StreetAuthority offices, was a fair one. He just simply had the stones, or was naïve enough, to ask it out loud.

But those of us who have known Jared for a while weren’t quite ready to completely write what he was saying.

The “Unthinkable” Event That Could Destroy Your Portfolio
As Jared started outlining his case for “the unthinkable” happening, we realized that he was on to something.

“My God… What if he’s right?”

An air of silence fell over the room.

“This is good. Run with it,” our publisher chimed in.

“But take your time and build your case. We better be right.”

That last part, Jared already knew. So did everyone else. But it needed to be said anyway.

The only questions remaining were: How do we tell our subscribers about this without some of them wanting to rip our heads off?

More importantly, how do we tell them to prepare for the sheer chaos that might ensue in the markets if Jared is right?

Over the next few months, Jared poured over tons of research and started putting his thoughts together.

As the headlines kept pouring in nonstop, week after week, Jared’s incredible prediction started looking like it might turn into reality.

So what is Jared’s “crazy hunch” about “the unthinkable”?

You Might Not Like This…
Before I tell you, I want you to brace yourselves… Some of you are not going to like it. At all… In fact, I predict some of our readers are going to be so livid that they’re going to fire off angry emails to us before even hearing us out.

That’s OK. It’s our job to call it like we see it, not to make friends. If our analysts give you their take on how to navigate the market and we have to melt a few “snowflakes” along the way, so be it.

OK, here it is…

The midterm elections will shake this country to its very foundation. On November 6, 2018, as the results come in, one thing will become clear…

There is a very real chance that President Donald J. Trump is going to be impeached. And it’s going to create financial havoc.

You may not like it, but there it is.

To be quite frank, whatever you think about Trump won’t matter at this point.

This war will be fought in the back offices of Washington… between elite power players, top politicians, lobbyists, and billionaire donors. Meanwhile, millions of Americans will be absolutely shocked when they wake up to this image…

If this happens, you’re likely to find yourself sitting on the sidelines — powerless to act while the markets are in chaos.

Unless you prepare.

It’s Time To Prepare For The Worst…
Still with me? Now, before we go any further, let’s clear a few things up.

Jared isn’t saying you should sell all of your investments and run for the hills (yet), but he is telling his Profit Amplifier readers to have a plan in case the ugly world of politics ends up killing one of the greatest bull markets in history.

This is where Jared’s expertise comes into play.

We’ve told you about Jared’s strategies in the past. Usually, we feature one of Jared’s classic bullish set-ups, showing readers how they can take a small amount of trading capital and turn a small move in a stock into a big-time gain. But because we’ve been in a raging bull market, most of those trades have been, well… bullish.

A lot of people don’t realize that in Jared’s Profit Amplifier service, he does something different than most traders… he makes bullish and bearish bets on stocks.

Now, Jared’s strategy isn’t for everyone. You have to be willing to learn how it works, and how to use it the right way. (As we’ve said before, use it to hedge risk in your portfolio and carefully magnify your profits while risking very little trading capital. This is not a lottery ticket or get-rich quick scheme.)

In the current market environment, making bearish bets on overvalued stocks and funds should hold appeal for many investors. After all, if the thought hasn’t crossed your mind as to what you’re going to do when the party is over in this market, you’ve been kidding yourself.

But according to Jared, if he’s even remotely close to being right about Trump getting impeached and the market tanking… then his strategy should not only be appealing, but absolutely necessary.

In fact, Jared just issued a full, detailed report to his Profit Amplifier readers on exactly what trade to make if this dire scenario comes to pass.

He calls it: The Chaos Trade.

The “Chaos Trade” Just Might Save Your Portfolio
As I mentioned, Jared’s trading strategy is a great way to not only amplify gains from stock moves, but also to hedge your portfolio and manage risk. The best part is that you do not need to be a trading guru to master these basic techniques — all it takes is a willingness to learn.

If you want to read about Jared’s case for why Trump’s impeachment is almost a given if the Democrats come to power, then you need to read this report right now. You’ll also be able to get your hands on the exact, detailed instructions for Jared’s Chaos Trade.

I should warn you, though… you may not like what you read. But if you can remove your emotions and your politics from the equation, you’ll understand just how important it will be to prepare yourself one way or another. You’ll be glad you did. (Read the full report here.)