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High Yield Investing

High-Yield Investing is the ultimate resource for uncovering safe, ultra-generous income opportunities that put money in your pocket all year long… no matter what is going on in the market at large.

Weeks of research go into ensuring that every company recommended is not only a generous income payer, but also low-risk and ultra-reliable.

Before a stock or fund is even considered as a pick, we take a long, hard look “under the hood” and make sure it passes a rigorous five-course “Boot Camp.”

Any company worthy of inclusion in High-Yield Investing must have:

  • A Proven Business Model: For every new business that succeeds, there are two more that fail. Every stock in High-Yield Investing has stood the test of time again and again. Most are mature leaders in their fields with established national brands, efficient distribution systems, and other protective economic moats that provide a competitive advantage… the key to maintaining superior long-term returns.
  • Surplus Cash Flow: There’s a well-known market saying that “dividends don’t lie.” Reported earnings can be bent, twisted, and manipulated. But you can’t fake cash distributions. Either the money is there to pay out to shareholders, or it isn’t. Since other operating needs (payroll, rent, etc.) are always met first, the simple act of a voluntary dividend tells us there is a cash surplus to share.
  • An Expanding Bottom Line: The simple truth is all businesses are either growing or dying. You can certainly rule out the latter with any stock in High-Yield Investing. After all, it’s nearly impossible to hand out tens (or hundreds) of millions in dividend payments each year if the earnings pool is shrinking.
  • A Conservative, Shareholder-Friendly Management: Having the ability to generously raise dividends is one thing — actually doing it is something else entirely. History is littered with companies that were run into the ground by ill-advised mergers, reckless spending, and other questionable decisions. You won’t find any of those lame ducks in our portfolio.
  • Weather-Proof: Any company can raise dividends when the economy is red-hot. The true test is whether it still generates dividends when conditions cool.

If a stock fails to meet even a single one of these exacting standards… it doesn’t get recommended.

And right now you can tap into dozens of different trades that are all a SCREAMING buy… just waiting to fill your pockets with payouts month in and month out all year long.

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Capital Wealth Letter

At Capital Wealth Letter we’re not looking to just beat the market — we’re looking to generate life-changing fortunes with low-risk moves.

Despite all the rocket scientists and supercomputers on Wall Street, the best way to get rich from investing is the same approach that worked best decades ago: find a breakthrough idea early on… tap in… and watch your profits soar as the concept matures into mainstream commercial success.

The ordinary media rarely cover this beat. They’ll tell you all about a discovery after it comes out — but they don’t look ahead to see where the next one is coming from.

And I can assure you that if you are not looking for the next breakthrough… you won’t find it.

At Capital Wealth Letter, dozens of hours each week are spent poring over earnings reports, press releases, SEC filings, and just about anywhere you can think of, looking for these game-changing companies just waiting to put profits in your pocket…

And you can tap into every opportunity today with just the click of a button.

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Takeover Trader

Takeover Trader is a one-of-a-kind investment research service dedicated solely to uncovering the fast paydays and massive gains from one little-known corner of the stock market that’s proven itself to launch stocks into the stratosphere… time and time again.


You might have heard them called mergers, buyouts, or acquisitions.

But it’s basically all the same thing… and it’s widely agreed upon by elite investors to be the FASTEST way to uncork a geyser of profits.

Market Watch says: “Big profits are QUICK [with takeovers].”

Harvard Business Review confirmed these trades can “pay off spectacularly.”

Even stodgy publishers like Kiplinger’s praise takeovers as “one of the safest ways to tiptoe into the markets.”

Which means, buyouts aren’t only the fastest way to make money from the stock market…

But also, one of the best ways to score big wins… with less risk.

CNN Money verified takeovers can produce “staggering results.”

How staggering?

Returns of 239%… 555%… even 2,300% could be yours.

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StreetAuthority All Access Pass

The All Access Pass is our top-tier membership level.

It’s made up of an exclusive group of investors who want the best of the best… and are unwilling to settle for anything less.

As the name implies… membership grants you unlimited access to every single advisory we publish at StreetAuthority.

That includes all our monthly newsletters, trading services, special reports, and training videos.

We don’t stop there, though.

You’ll also have instant access to every NEW research advisory StreetAuthority launches.

Not just for one year… two…. or even five.

You get FREE access to everything we publish… for life.

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