An Exclusive Interview With Our “Turbo” Trading Specialist

Last week, I wrote about the incredible opportunity for investors in the world of cannabis stocks.

And while it seems like everyone wants a piece of the action, most investors are unsure of how to go about it.

That’s where my colleague Amber Hestla comes in…

Many of you are already familiar with Amber’s work. For example, back in January, I called her our “No. 1 risk expert.” I’ve also shared a few of her “bonus” trades with readers over the years.

So when I heard that she had come up with a new “turbo” system for trading pot stocks — that was designed to quickly get in and out of trades while making monster-sized gains — I just had to know more.

I know we’ve talked about your background before in previous issues. But we’ve picked up some new readers since then… Tell us a little about your former life in the military for starters, and the kind of influence it has had on your job today.


Amber: Well, I was in the Army for nine years — two of which I spent in Iraq as a Military Intelligence Analyst during Operation Iraqi Freedom. In military jargon, my job was to “analyze strategic and tactical intelligence about enemy forces and potential battle areas.” In plain English, that means my job was to think about potential threats on the battlefield and work with a team to come up with a plan that put our troops in the best position for success.

When you think about it that way, my transition to investing makes sense. I started studying the markets during my downtime on deployment. By the time I left the military, I was reading everything I could get my hands on. I sought out the industry’s best trading experts for guidance. Soon, I was trading on my own, with a strategy designed entirely around coming up with the best plan for profits while taking on no more risk than necessary. Thanks to the tools I developed from the knowledge I had gained, I was quickly earning way more than I ever did in the Army.

Now, it didn’t take long for you to distinguish yourself in the world of investing, either. Back in 2015, you were awarded the Charles H. Dow Award for the development of a special trading indicator — the same indicator that serves as the foundation of your popular Income Trader service. This is an incredible achievement. Tell us a little about what that means to you…

Amber: Thanks, I appreciate it. This award was established in 1994 by the Market Technicians Association to highlight outstanding research in technical analysis. Winning the award is an independent verification of my work. A group of market experts critically reviewed my paper and determined that the strategy I use is an example of one of the best ideas in technical analysis. More importantly, it is a practical and profitable application of the ideas of technical analysis — meaning it can be used by just about anyone to make profitable trades.

You just released a brand-new presentation about cannabis stocks. Can you tell us a little more about the opportunity here?

Amber: I live less than an hour from Colorado where marijuana is already legal. There is demand, and profits to be made.

Forget about the stereotypes… Yes, they do exist, but you are also seeing older people getting CBD oils for their skin problems and sativa drops to help them sleep. And each customer who gets relief tells a friend. We are in the early stages, and this is already a multi-billion-dollar industry.

The marijuana industry will be worth hundreds of billions soon… and I’m finding new ways to invest in the sector all the time, as more and more companies add products. Yet, despite marijuana use being legal in some form or another in 33 states, and 62% of Americans supporting full legalization… It’s still illegal in the eyes of the federal government. So let’s just say the SEC isn’t going out of their way to let everyone know they left a 46-year-old backdoor open which allows you to legally rake in massive profits from this boom.

And believe me, the marijuana boom is just getting started… Now that the genie is out of the bottle, there’s no stopping it. Forecasts are saying marijuana sales could easily top $25 billion in the next few years…

You mentioned the “turbo” trading method that most investors are completely ignoring in this space. I should also add that it’s 100% legal in the eyes of the U.S. government. Tell us a little more about it…

Amber: Well, I’ll save the details for the presentation, but here’s what I can tell you…

This “turbo” system allows us to do two things… For one, it gets us in and out of trades much faster than traditional “buy and hold.” That’s especially important for a notoriously volatile sector like pot stocks. Second, the profit potential here is enormous — much more than the way most people invest.

When you boil it all down, the system isn’t a single indicator but rather a series of pattern-based rules that identify potentially profitable trading setups based on the concept of support and resistance. This idea recognizes the fact that, most of the time, prices don’t move much. In fact, prices only trend about a third of the time. The rest of the time, prices fall into a trading range defined by areas of supply and demand. My system is designed to benefit from those short-term price moves. I’m talking about gains of 838% in 3 days… 309% in 6 days… and even 1,400% in 2 days.

That’s certainly impressive. I’d like to thank Amber for joining me today, and if you haven’t already, I would highly recommend taking a look at Amber’s free presentation before it’s too late. If you’re even remotely curious about cannabis stocks, you won’t want to miss it.

You can check it out right here…