Could Two Doctors From Houston Be Sitting on a Potential Gold Mine?

Not long ago, I took my Game-Changing Stocks readers on a journey to the non-descript offices of an obscure Department of Defense agency that funds research into areas most people never imagine.
Occasionally, this cadre of uber-geniuses comes up with a real winner. Take the Internet, for instance — brought to you by a gaggle of geeks tied to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) looking for an easy way to share data.
#-ad_banner-#DARPA was founded during the Eisenhower administration with the aim of fostering and ensuring perpetual technological dominance over the Soviet Union, which had just shocked the world by launching Sputnik.
Eisenhower and others wanted the Pentagon to come up with cutting-edge technology in all areas, with the hope of demonstrating in the lab the nation’s capability to scare the snot out of anyone wondering about U.S. capabilities on the battlefield.
To some degree, it worked. Reagan’s defense budgets spent the Russians out of business. Communism fell and the United States won the Cold War. And though the Berlin Wall fell in November 1989, DARPA is still in existence, continuing its mission to make the next discovery that keeps U.S. armed forces two or three steps ahead of their enemies.
 If you’re looking for game-changing ideas, DARPA is one heck of a place to look…
 And here is part of what I wrote a few months ago to Game-Changing Stocks readers:
“DARPA is also working on accelerated drug manufacturing, aimed at producing vaccines far faster than conventional synthesis allows. Another project is attempting to build a ‘fracture putty’ that can help severely broken bones heal. Still other projects seek to improve rapid learning, to devise a mechanical nose as effective as a bomb-sniffing dog.”
Now, for years I’ve collected the data on a paranoid little theory of mine that as soon as I write about something — anything — it will appear in a couple of other publications a certain number of days later. And I’m not talking about the photosphere, but the creme de la creme of the mainstream media.
I was not all that surprised, then, when I ran across an article in The Economist on the DARPA project I had alluded to — fracture putty, a sort of biological spackle that could be put into broken bones on the battlefield, where the lack of conventional medical technology leads to frequent amputations. The good news: It turns out a couple of doctors at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston figured out how to make the stuff work.
It’s based on a substance called polypropylene fumarate, which according to the piece in The Economist, activates at body temperature. “When applied to a broken bone it solidifies and works like a glue, bringing the two parts of the fracture together.” The material also has small spheres of porous silicon embedded in it to add strength, and, as they dissolve into the patient’s body, they release cells, proteins and drugs that help promote new bone tissue. The discovery could well change the field of orthopedics once and for all.
You can bet that these two doctors will soon start a company to ramp up production of fracture putty and to sell it to the Pentagon, as well as to every hospital emergency room, sports medicine clinic and pediatrician in the world.
Fracture putty is a game-changer. I know that it and other DARPA projects, administered by some of the sharpest minds in the world, have the potential for standout results. The products that stem from DARPA-funded projects aren’t just going to reorganize entire industries, they’re going to yield enormous financial windfalls for their early investors.
Action to Take –> I’ll continue to monitor these scientists, their progress and their attempts to commercialize their successful ideas. There is definitely a promising precedent — one of the companies receiving DARPA funds that I highlighted for Game-Changing Stocks readers, AVI BioPharma (Nasdaq: AVII), has gained about 15% since I highlighted it in late November.

Note: I don’t see a way for the general public to profit from fracture putty just yet, but that’s OK. I’d rather be early to the party than late. If you’re looking for more ideas to profit from now, don’t forget to watch my video on a handful of game-changing opportunities that could take off this year. Go here to watch the video now.