The Amazing Dividend Chart You Have to See

I want to show you a chart. It’s nothing complex or hard to understand. In fact, I take pride in how simple it is to read.

You’ll be surprised to learn that the money I made (shown in the chart below) is the result of just a year of work — you’d never know it at first glance. I’m betting you’ll think it took years or decades to cultivate.

#-ad_banner-#You might also think that replicating what my chart shows takes a fortune to pull off. I’ve done it with $200,000. That’s nothing to sneeze at, but it’s far from an extraordinary amount of money.

The results are also fully scalable. If you only have half that amount to invest, you’ll receive half of what my chart shows — still a considerable amount of money. If you have a $400,000 at work, just double my numbers. Anyone — and any dollar amount — can replicate my performance.

But the best news is that what this chart shows is that you can mimic my results starting today. It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to follow (I only have a lowly master’s degree, anyway). You don’t have to track the market every day — or every week for that matter. The beauty of this strategy is that it takes care of itself.

In fact, the primary investing “skill” you need is patience. If you can allow yourself to build a portfolio without having to constantly fuss over it, make unnecessary trades, or live and die by daily fluctuations, you can achieve these results.

My chart below shows what I’m talking about. Listed are the total amounts of recent “paychecks” I’ve received using my Daily Paycheck strategy. As you can imagine, I’ve been pretty happy:

Mystrategy is simple — I’m investing in a basket of securities that pay huge (and frequent) dividends. In the process, I’m building an income machine that will soon pay me each and every day.

In January, I received 25 “paychecks” (that’s my nickname for dividend and interest payments from my portfolio holdings) worth more than $1,600. That’s a little under my goal of one check for every day of the month.

Imagine if you’re a retiree — that’s a nice stream of cash from your investments to supplement any other income you might have.

But there’s another step if you really want to see your income stream accelerate over time… it’s why patience is key.

It’s tempting to take the cash. Who wouldn’t want an extra $1,600 a month in the bank? But I strongly recommend reinvesting your paychecks. By using your dividends to purchase more shares, compounding takes over. Your next payment will be larger, even if the dividend payment doesn’t increase.

I won’t lie, reinvesting does take a little time to see a major impact — that’s why patience is so important. (And before you start, give your broker a ring to make sure they offer reinvestment at no extra commission. Many brokers, including E*Trade and TDAmeritrade, already offer this free service to all of their clients.)

But I think you can see from the performance so far that my Daily Paycheck strategy is one of the most promising ways to capture the most income from the market.

P.S. — What’s the best thing about the “Daily Paycheck” strategy? I love that it’s fully scaleable to any dollar amount. For instance, my boss, StreetAuthority co-founder Paul Tracy, earned more than $6,000 in dividends using the strategy. To learn more how you can start your own “Daily Paycheck” portfolio today, read this memo.