This Income Trade Could Pay You 9%, Instantly

Lately we’ve been telling our readers about one of my colleague Amber Hestla’s unique approaches to earning extra income in the market. And that’s for a good reason…

With interest rates at historic lows, income investors are left with two choices: 1) accept what the market gives you with traditional income avenues or 2) try a new approach that offers more cash in your account than you may have thought possible.

We’ve been referring to one of these methods as a “P.I.N.” code strategy — because it’s as easy as typing in a passcode to more income, once you’re up to speed with how it works.

Amber and her followers are earning about $565 a week on average and making winning trades about 90.5% of the time with this strategy.

And today, I’m going to reveal one of Amber’s recent trades that she normally shares with her premium subscribers only. The reason I’m doing this is simple… I want you to see just how powerful this strategy can be — and to hopefully steer some of our readers away from some of the preconceived notions they may have about it.

That way, regardless of whether you choose to give Amber’s premium service a try, you can see just how useful it can be.

If anything, it will at least give you something to think about. It’s part of our job to not only offer you picks — but to also tell you about other ways to grow your wealth rather than simply settling for less. But fair warning, you may need to step a bit outside of your comfort zone.

Now with that said, I’ll let the cat out of the bag a little bit… This strategy involves selling put options.

We’ve written about selling puts before, but it bears repeating… don’t let the word options scare you away from trying this. Anyone who understands how to use them properly knows that options can be used for many things. Speculation is just one of them. They can also be used for hedging and income generation as well.

With all that said, let’s get started…

A Bonus Trade You Can Make Right Now

Keep in mind, this isn’t an official Income Trader recommendation. This is a “bonus” trade that Amber sends to her subscribers each week.

They are mainly for readers who have additional capital they want to allocate to more aggressive income trades. You should research any of her bonus trades on your own to be sure they fit your risk profile.

This Week’s Top Candidates (Sell To Open)
Option &
Expiration Date
P.I.N. Contract Code
Return On
Sell CONN May-21 $18 Puts
May 21, 2021
$0.35 $360 9.7% 93.4% N/A

This trade was identified by Amber’s Income Trader Volatility (ITV) indicator, which we’ve discussed before. In the bottom section of the chart below, you’ll see the stock’s ITV (red line) and the ITV’s 20-week moving average (blue line). These charts usually show several previous signals and could help subscribers evaluate how successful signals were in the past.

As Amber’s indicator suggests, right now looks to be a good time to sell puts on shares of CONN. The May 21 $18 puts she has suggested have a good chance of expiring worthless. And for put-sellers, that’s a good thing. For this trade, it means you would keep the $35 premium for each contract you sold (which controls 100 shares) and simply move on without having to be assigned shares.

If you’re looking at making this trade, Amber recommends using limit orders. A limit at the midpoint between the bid and ask prices will often be filled fairly quickly. Also, if the trade moves sharply against you, be prepared to cut your losses with a “buy to close” order if you’re not prepared to own the stock outright.

On a final note, this trade was sent out in the most recent issue of Income Trader. This means it’s on you to determine whether or not prices have moved against the trade since then.

Closing Thoughts

You certainly won’t hear about strategies like this in the mainstream financial media. But after reading this, you’ll hopefully understand why we think this is so important.

With selling puts, especially thanks to Amber’s award-winning ITV indicator, you can earn thousands in extra income each month, without exposing your portfolio to a lot of risk. For that reason, Amber’s strategy (and her 90.5% success rate) is one of the most powerful ways of earning extra income that we’ve ever seen.

If you found this beneficial and want more trades like this, then consider joining Amber and her Income Trader subscribers for more trades.

And if you’re not quite up to speed on how this works, that’s OK too. We’ve prepared a simple presentation explaining how this works, and why it’s a powerful strategy for anyone interested in earning more income. You can access it here.