Creating Real, Lasting Wealth Can Be Simple (But It’s Never Easy)

I’m not a huge fan of social media. I don’t have a Facebook account or a TikTok profile. My LinkedIn account is staler than that package of frozen meat buried in the bottom of your chest freezer.

However, I will confess that I do find financial Twitter, or “FinTwit,” useful. Especially when it comes to earnings season. It can also reveal interesting tidbits about companies, people, and ideas.

I came across a fascinating thread recently that shared with my premium subscribers — and it’s too good to not pass along today. This idea, or thread, comes from a gentleman called Nick Huber and his Twitter handle is @sweatystartup.

So you won’t find a stock pick or some big, sweeping analysis of the market in this piece today. But I hope you find it as interesting as I did, because I think it serves as a good reminder to all of us that success in business or investing is still possible — simple, in fact. (Notice I didn’t say “easy” necessarily.)

This anecdote has to do with an idea on how to take $100 and turn it into a lot more…

How To Build A Business With $100

First, hop on a computer and buy a web domain. Then, get a freelancer — using Upwork or Fiverr — to make you a logo/flyer and get $45 worth of flyers printed at your local print shop.

If you really want to grind and get gritty, buy a box of sidewalk chalk and go downtown with the sidewalk chalk and write “pressure washing and home cleaning: 1-888-555-1234” as many times as you can in high traffic areas.

Go to a middle-class or high-end neighborhood and hand out flyers, leave them on porches, mailboxes, tucked in the door, or wherever else. Get creative. You might get ran off but it’s a low risk. Target those houses with dirty pavement, siding, and driveways.

Your cell phone will start ringing. Book all of the jobs for Saturday. Rent a power washer Saturday morning with the other $50 and go make $300 in one day.

Do the same thing the next weekend and then buy a power washer. Then put $200 into a website and nurture a Google My Business location. Get reviews, upload photos, make it look nice. 50% of your biz will come through here.

Make sure you pre-treat the concrete with a bleach mixture. It makes the job 2x as easy. Get some 1-gallon jugs of bleach and cut it 1:5 with water in a 5-gallon backpack sprayer for $60 on Amazon.

Ask the customers nicely to use their water. Borrow Grandma’s Prius to haul the washer if you have to. Make a YouTube video introducing yourself and put your town and power washing in the title. Link to your website.

As you build your small business, make posts on Facebook Marketplace offering your services. This will be key for your business to grow.

Within a few weeks you’ll be bringing in $1,000 every weekend. When you hit $4,000 in a month its time to quit your job and get serious.

“On demand” is going to be your competitive advantage so you can charge a higher price. Make sure you can offer next day service or same day service. As soon as you get too busy to do that, it’s time to hire.

Make sure that person is presentable and clean cut. Get a business polo shirt made at your local embroider. Target students at first because they work hard and are reliable. They have summers off which is your busiest time. Provide amazing customer service. Answer the phone every time and be in a super eager positive mood. This along with the “on-demand” nature will put you ahead of 99% of your competitors.

Make friends with realtors in town or watch the MLS and visit homeowners the week before open house. A home looks a lot newer — and better — with a clean driveway, this is especially true when the photographer comes to take photos. It always looks better with a wet/clean driveway.

Utilize Google Maps to measure concrete area and provide instant quotes over the phone. Put out yard signs with your logo.

Eventually buy a cargo van and have your own generator and water tank inside so you can be mobile and do more jobs and charge more money.

Grow from there… Start power washing entire parking lots for shopping centers. Get the contract to do it twice a year for $15,000 per service. Eventually, you can invest in one of those big ride on power washers and start doing larger commercial jobs.

As your company grows launch a branch in a neighboring city with a management hire. Then another city. Sell the company or just cash the checks and sit on the beach with your family.

What We Can Take Away From This

Remember you started this business with $100, work ethic, and perseverance. I know it may be a little simplistic. But if you talk to some successful business owners, they’ll have a story very similar to this one.

While building a business like this is always easier said than done, the point is that starting small and keeping it simple is one of the best ways to tackle anything — including investing.

It is all a mindset… There are more resources than ever to get started with a business or investing. But the same old challenges are there as always. After the initial euphoric stage wears off — doubt begins to creep into our minds as we run into our first obstacle. Too many folks try to skip the early, difficult stages of building a business (or investing in stocks) and try to jump right to the million-dollar mark. When it’s not as easy as it sounds, or they come across some hardships or take some losses, they give up.

Whether it’s building a business or trading stocks, you’re not going to have “overnight success.” It’s a grind. And it’s always best to keep it simple.

If you’re somewhat new to trading, start small. Focus on taking that $100, investing it in a solid idea, and turning it into $120. Then $150… $200… $300… etc. And understand that it’s not going to be a smooth growth progression. Sometimes your $150 will drop down to $130. But so long as you manage your risk and keep your losses small, you are more than capable of turning that $100 into a whole lot more.

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