Want To See How Powerful This Strategy Is? Here Are 3 Trades You Can Make Right Now…

Today, we’re going to offer our readers a special treat…

We’ve recently been discussing my colleague Amber Hestla’s unique approach to earning extra income in the market. By following her simple strategy, based on her track record, you could earn about $748 a week on average. Not only that, but her trades have been successful about 90.2% of the time.

Now, many of you know this strategy involves selling put options. And despite the perceptions that some novice investors have, the truth is that you can play it safe AND earn thousands in extra income each month, thanks to Amber’s unique strategy.

To recap, put options give investors the right — but not the obligation — to sell a stock at a specified price before a specified date. Selling a put obligates us to purchase that stock from the put buyer if it falls below a specified price (the option‘s “strike price“). When we accept that obligation, we receive instant income in the form of a premium.

Now, one thing we recommend to lower the risks of this method is to only sell puts on stocks you wouldn’t mind holding in your portfolio anyway. So, worst case scenario, if you make a trade and the stock falls below the strike price, that’s okay. It simply means you’re buying shares of a stock you liked anyway, and for a better price than before.

Trades You Can Make Right Away

So the goal with what we’re doing today is simple. We’re going to skip a few basic points of the strategy and actually show you just how powerful this strategy can be… And we’re going to do it by offering you some free trades.

If you know how this works, then you can use these trades to start earning more right away, regardless of whether you choose to give Amber’s premium service a try. If you don’t know how it works, then you’ll have some concrete examples to see what’s possible. And once you’re up to speed, you can be making trades like this, too.

Keep in mind, these aren’t official Income Trader recommendations. These are “bonus” trades that Amber sends to her subscribers each week. Although these trades were identified by Amber’s award-winning Income Trader Volatility (ITV) indicator, Amber recommends that you do your own due diligence to be sure the trades fit your risk profile.

While each trade will be different, Amber emphasizes keeping a few things in mind. First, remember to use limit orders for your trade to ensure you get the best possible price. Second, these trades went out in this week’s issue of Income Trader. And because options pricing can move quickly, that means it’s on you to determine whether prices are still advantageous when you go to make the trade yourself.

Also, if the trade moves sharply against you, be prepared to cut your losses with a “buy to close” order if you’re not prepared to own the stock outright. (Remember, nobody has a perfect batting average.) And lastly, since these trades do not contain the normal in-depth analysis in regular issues of Income Trader, we’ve provided the probability that the option will expire worthless (which is a good thing).

Closing Thoughts

Remember, it’s our job to tell you about impactful ways to grow your wealth. Regardless of whatever else is going on in the market, we’re convinced that this is one of the best ways to earn extra income out there. Even better, once you’re all set up and ready to go, it only takes about 10 minutes a week…

You certainly won’t hear about strategies like this in the mainstream financial media. Yet Amber’s track record is one of the best in the business. So if you’d like to get more trades like this, then consider joining Amber and her Income Trader subscribers for more trades.

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