We’re Turning Trash Into Treasure (In The Form Of Income) With This Trade…

Last week, I wrote about how we are seeing more and more signs of a return to normal. This week’s news confirmed that policymakers are also doing their best to return to normal.

On Monday, President Biden announced that he was nominating Jerome Powell for a second term as chair of the Federal Reserve. There is bipartisan support for this, and the nomination should sail through the Senate confirmation process.

I believe that by naming Powell, Biden was signaling that he understands he needs a steady hand in economic policy. The other contender for the top spot, Lael Brainard, would have also been a steady hand, but her confirmation could have been more contentious. Brainard has indicated she would like more regulations on the banking system, for example.

Biden probably wanted to nominate Brainard. She is the only Democrat on the current Board of Governors. By naming her as vice chair, he did signal that she will almost certainly be Powell’s successor in four years, assuming Biden wins a second term.

Biden’s prospects for that second term are uncertain, of course. There’s the question of whether he will even seek a second term. He will already be the oldest serving president after his first term, and the prospect of an individual in their mid-80s occupying the White House might make voters nervous.

If Biden does seek a second term, there’s also the question of whether he could win. The country remains deeply divided, and the election could turn on whatever issue most loudly divides the population in the summer of 2024. That’s unpredictable, and so is the election outcome for that year.

How I’m Investing Right Now

Rather than trying to predict long-term political trends, I am focusing on finding trades that benefit from can’t-miss trends.

And I predict that no matter who wins the presidential election in 2024, there will still be trash to pick up. That’s true whether a Democrat or Republican is in the White House. And that realization boosted my confidence in recommending a trade in Waste Management, Inc. (NYSE: WM).

This company does have long-term investment potential. Its business is in the name — Waste Management manages waste from over 20 million residential and commercial customers around the country. The company is involved in each stage from collection to disposal, while recovering valuable resources and creating clean, renewable energy.

As a vertically integrated company, about 70% of the collected waste is disposed of at the company’s own landfills, or internalized, which allows for higher profit margins and stronger operating cash flows.

WM is also a nice inflation trade. About 40% of collection contracts are based on pricing that fluctuates with an index, while the remaining 60% periodically increases with market prices. Generally, contracts based on an index are municipal contracts or franchise agreements. Other customers will see price increases as the company determines they are needed.

Garbage collection is also a business where customers are relatively loyal. Waste Management notes that customer churn is about 9%, meaning that on average customers stay with the company for more than 10 years.

A Better Way To Trade

While there is long-term potential with WM, but as I noted, I am looking at the short term. So rather than simply buying WM and hoping for the best, over at my premium Income Trader service, my subscribers and I have a better plan…

The reason I feel confident about this trade is because, according to my Income Trader Volatility (ITV) indicator, WM is on a “buy” signal (think of it as a volatility gauge, like the VIX, — except for individual stocks).

The stock also passed all of my usual safety checks. That’s why I recently recommended a short-term trade on WM that will allow us to get paid instantly.

If all goes according to plan, we’ll make about 3% on our capital in 59 days or less. And because this is a short-term trade, we can turn right around and make a similar trade again for even more income.

I believe trading this way is one of the best ways to protect and preserve your capital in an uncertain market like the one we’re in now. It’s easy to learn, and you’ll generate far more income than you ever thought possible. In fact, you could easily generate thousands of dollars per month trading this way.

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