A Brief Look At My 7 Investment Predictions For 2022

When my team and I sit down to make our investment predictions for the coming year, our goal is simple: Uncover select opportunities that could become life-changing investments.

Of course, to identify a groundbreaking idea, you have to be forward-thinking… and you have to go out on a limb.

Who would have thought just 10 years ago most of us would have tiny computers in our pocket or purse at nearly every waking moment — devices capable of accessing virtually all of the world’s knowledge?

Just think of everything we know today that has changed over just the course of a few years:

Facebook became a household name… the cord-cutting trend has invaded living rooms everywhere… Electric vehicles have become commercially available… We’re on the cusp of curing genetic diseases with DNA sequencing… China transformed itself into a global power… Emerging economies turned into the driving force of world economic growth… Alternative energy captured the nation’s interest…

I could go on and on. And I’d bet you wouldn’t have thought half this was possible a little more than a decade ago.

The point is, the list of game-changing opportunities never ends. In fact, in today’s environment — where information, ideas, and technology are spreading at the speed of light — the opportunities are greater than ever.

A Preview Of My Investment Predictions For 2022

With that in mind, here is just a taste of the opportunities we identified in this year’s report…

1: A private company will blanket the Earth in high-speed internet from space.

By placing satellites 60 times closer to the Earth than other companies, signals will arrive faster and clearer for millions of customers paying $99 per month. The billions in revenue will drop straight to the bottom line since the costs are fixed.

2: Cryptocurrencies will surge again in 2022… but the big winner won’t be Bitcoin, Binance, or Ethereum.

We think another crypto is now a better bet for new investors. It is 321 times faster than its prime competitor and we think it could surpass it in value by the end of 2022. That’s a potential 2,778% gain.

3: Interest rates will surge in 2022, slaughtering bonds, and devastating millions of unprepared income investors.

If the bond market crashes, that’s bad news for everyone — even if you don’t own bonds. There are few escape routes from the bond debacle that the average investor is familiar with. But we’ve found a handful of obscure lifelines that could make 2022 extremely lucrative.

4: War will erupt in the Middle East, but not over oil.

The true life-and-death resource in this parched area of the world is water. Most people forget that the Six Day War was triggered by an Arab plan to divert the Jordan River away from Israel. When war erupts in the Middle East over water again, any water-creation technology will be seen as an invaluable peace-maker. And we’ve found a “sleeper” investment to profit from the increasing scarcity of nature’s most critical resource.

5: A new miracle fiber will hit the market that’s 35x tougher than steel.

Scientists are fascinated with this new material… because it is absolutely bullet-proof… and has the elasticity and lightness of nylon. This is a speculative play and there are no guarantees. But the stock is currently so cheap that you can pick up 1,000 shares for the cost of dinner out.

6: “Flying taxis” will start operating in Los Angeles.

Nimble personal aircraft that can take off and land in city parking lots are already in the air in Shanghai and Berlin. They will be flying in Los Angeles within 18 months, liberating California drivers from their notoriously clogged freeways. This is a breakthrough opportunity of enormous proportions.

7: The Megadrought will get even worse, driving the price of wheat sky-high.

The Middle East isn’t the only area affected by a massive megadrought… this prediction hits much closer to home. Even the slightest hint of drought or flood can trigger a powerful bullish move in the grain markets. You’ll see why wheat prices could be ready to soar and why a long position in wheat could be a quick path to wealth…

Closing Thoughts

Now, keep in mind that not all my predictions will come true. We don’t have a crystal ball.

With that said, we aren’t taking wild stabs in the dark, either. This is based on months of research, and it represents what we think could be the best opportunities for outsized gains this year (and beyond).

Of course, some of the picks we make in this report will lose money — it comes with the territory when you’re looking for game-changers. That’s okay. That’s what proper position sizing and stop-losses are for.

Remember, we’re looking for those select few life-changing ideas. If we can uncover just a handful of these gems before the rest of the crowd, the returns could be spectacular.

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