Prediction: Driverless Trucks Will Go Mainstream — And You Can Profit…

At the beginning of each year, my research staff and I breathe a collective sigh of relief.

That’s because this is when we release our annual list of investment predictions to our readers. As one of the most hotly-anticipated things we do around here, the pressure builds each year to deliver the goods.

Will we be able to deliver insightful, profitable predictions for our premium readers like in previous years?

If history is any guide, we should be up to the task.

The next opportunity I want to tell you about is the kind of money-maker that presents itself only once every few decades. And if you’re looking for big-time, life-changing gains, you can’t afford to ignore it.

Let me explain…

Coming To A Highway Near You…

Today, my team and I are convinced that an opportunity for spectacular profits is shaping up in driverless trucks.

It’s not common knowledge, but self-driving trucks are already on the road. For example, you can find some delivering furniture from an IKEA in Texas to another store 300 miles away. And they’re moving orders between a Walmart warehouse and a grocery store in Arkansas.

It’s unnerving to imagine an 18-wheeler humming down the highway with nobody at the wheel. It sounds dangerous, but trucking is already dangerous. About 74,000 people were injured, and 3,200 people died in truck crashes in 2020.

We are convinced that robot trucks will make U.S. highways safer, and the cost in human lives will go down, not up.

Self-driving trucks will be better at sharing the road than most humans. They’ll be programmed to stay in the right lane and never speed. They’ll never weave in and out of traffic or drive drunk. They will be boringly predictable.


Source: U.S. Government Accountability Office

Self-driving trucks will also solve the freight industry’s biggest problem: sleep. Truckers are always racing against time to reach their destinations before strict “hours of service” regulations force them to pull over and rest. Robot truckers don’t need breaks.

Moreover, we are short 80,000 truck drivers in the U.S. right now. We need to fill this gap if we want our supply chain to function properly again. (To get a better understanding of the basics, as well as the potential implications on the truck driving profession, you can watch this short video.)

There’s a lot to say about the potential here. But here’s a recap of just some of the benefits that this game-changing technology will offer…

  • Safer— Robot truckers will never text and drive or drive sleepy. 94% of truck accidents are due to human error, so robot drivers could eliminate 94% of future accidents.
  • Cheaper—61% of a truck’s cost per mile comes from the driver. You’re looking at a huge drop in trucking costs with no driver.
  • Faster—Since these trucks won’t have to stop for mandatory rest breaks, they can drive slower, save gas and still get there faster.
  • Flexible—Driverless trucks can operate around-the-clock, setting out on a run whenever needed. And they will never have to spend the night at a rest stop. A crucial advantage in this era of same-day delivery. Satellites will direct trucks to avoid congested city streets and delays.
  • More productive—Since they don’t need rest breaks, self-driving trucks can operate all day, every day. Today’s trucks are on the road just 29% of the time. Self-driving trucks will be rolling 78% of the time.
  • More efficient—Autonomous trucks will always select the most efficient route. Making a wrong turn will be a thing of the past. Route decisions are best made by a computer, not a bone-tired driver anxious to get home.
  • Better traffic—Self-driving trucks will automatically avoid rush hour. Robots don’t mind being on the road at 3am, so traffic will be better for all of us. Because they will move in the middle of the night, you will probably see fewer trucks daily.
  • Smarter—Unlike human drivers who learn individually by trial and error, autonomous trucks learn in parallel: when one truck learns something, they all do because the new information is shared on their network.

How We Can Profit

Interested readers can get their hands on several ways to play this trend in this year’s report. I’ll tell you a little bit about them in just a second. But I should point out a few things before we go any further…

First, these picks are definitely more for those with a higher appetite for risk. These are all smaller firms that currently aren’t profitable. But there’s no denying they’re attempting to solve a massive problem. Let’s take a look…

1) One of our favorites operates self-driving trucks in Arizona. It has logged over 200,000 miles of paid freight haulage with no driver. Its trucks are 10% more fuel efficient, and they use cameras rather than the radar that most automated vehicles use.

They have discovered that it’s cheaper and better at detecting objects on the freeway. In 2021 it made history by operating a heavy-duty truck on an open public road with no driver on board and no remote control.

2) Another startup managed the first coast-to-coast drive by an automated truck way back in 2018. Peterbilt Trucks uses its self-driving system, which gives it a huge built-in market share.

3) A third startup that looks promising was started in 2017 by the man who ran Google’s self-driving project. Its hyper-perceptive system can detect debris on the road and determine when lane markings have shifted due to construction. Its platform works with many vehicle types and already has partnerships with Volvo, Toyota, and Uber.

Remember, all three of these stocks have huge upside. But they’re also volatile…

But even Warren Buffett is a believer in the potential here. Last August, he bought into a startup that operates driverless trucks between Dallas and Atlanta — unfortunately for us mere mortal investors that was a private company that we don’t have access to.

But that’s okay, because we’ve found a “backdoor” to take advantage of this inevitable transformation in this year’s report. It’s a much more established player in this space. In fact, it’s already a critical part of the autonomous vehicle story (and as close to a surefire bet as you’re likely to see).

It makes the “brains and nervous system” of many modern vehicles. If you’ve ever driven a car with adaptive cruise control, this company made it possible. If your steering wheel vibrates when you drift out of your lane, that’s this company.

It lets you adjust how your engine and transmission run to increase performance. It shows you the exact tire pressure in each of your tires… without getting out of your seat. This outfit is already turning a profit, and we can’t see those profits going anywhere but up as autonomous vehicles enter our lives.

Action To Take

If you’re looking for a safer bet, this one is worth looking into. But there will be other ways to play this trend, too. The economics are autonomous trucking are just too irresistible.

Driving at lower speeds means fewer accidents and insurance claims. Less vehicle wear and tear translates into lower maintenance and repair costs. Savings on fuel will trickle down the supply chain, helping everyone.

Pay attention to this space as it develops. And be prepared to pounce if you see an opportunity. Nothing is etched in stone in this nascent industry, but the potential upside here is huge.

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