This Company Holds The Key To The Future Of Electric Cars In America

At the beginning of each year, my research staff and I release our annual list of investment predictions to our readers. As I’ve explained before, it’s one of the most hotly-anticipated things we do around here.

I’ve touched on many of our predictions already. But there’s one I haven’t mentioned that you need to know about… That’s because it’s of vital national importance — after all, if we’re going to have electric cars, we need to be able to make them ourselves.

But it could also end up being one of our most lucrative predictions yet.

Let me explain…

The Key To An EV Future Is In Our Own Back Yard…

At the bottom of a 150-foot-deep turtle pond near Charlotte lies the possible savior of the American electric-vehicle industry.

This rain-filled former quarry once produced massive quantities of lithium used in the Manhattan Project — the secret government program that built the first atomic bomb.

Shuttered since the 1980s, an American company is now trying to get it up and running again. Once they cut through the environmental red tape, they could create the U.S.’s first complete supply chain for electric vehicle batteries.

There is certainly a need for one. General Motors is building four lithium-battery plants in the United States. Ford is spending $11 billion on three battery factories. Volkswagen is looking at setting up a battery cell factory in this country. And Panasonic, which supplies batteries to Tesla, is building a factory in Kansas.

But none of them will be able to make a single battery without lithium. There’s no substitute.

Right now, the only lithium mine in the United States is a tiny operation in Nevada. China makes 79% of the world’s lithium-ion batteries. The U.S. makes just 5.5%.

Bottom line: If our country can’t secure a domestic supply of lithium for batteries, we will be left behind in the electric vehicle revolution.

Source: USGS

It’s a pressing problem. Tesla says that the #1 factor limiting electric vehicle production is an unreliable supply chain of batteries.

Meanwhile, car buyers are clamoring for EVs after the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, which lets them take $7,500 off their taxes. If EV demand lives up to projections, the U.S. will need 5x more lithium by the end of the decade.

The company we have our eye on wants to revive this rich North Carolina lithium mine as the critical first step to a domestic EV battery supply. And we think they’ll succeed.

To be sure this company isn’t some small start-up looking to get its feet wet in the lithium space. It is already one of the top lithium producers in the world.


Our Favorite Lithium Play

Our favorite way to play this trend is a specialty chemicals company headquartered right here in the U.S. It has leading positions in lithium, bromine, and refining catalysts.

The company’s largest segment is lithium, which it obtains lithium through a solar evaporation process. This takes place in Chile, home to the largest salt flats in the world. (It also has operations in Nevada and a 49% interest an Australian lithium producer.)

But it has its sights set at opening a lithium production facility right in its own backyard… in North Carolina.

The price of lithium has shot up from $4 to as much as $37 per pound in the past two years. So there could be a fortune at the bottom of that pond. Yet, even if it takes some time to get that facility up and running, our top pick still remains the best investment when looking to take advantage of the booming lithium space.

Now, as you can imagine, I can’t just give away the name of this pick out of fairness to my premium subscribers. After all, there just aren’t many lithium plays out there.

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