The Stock That Could “Kill the Gasoline Engine” is Already up 34%

It just might be the biggest game-changer in energy right now. And if you’ve followed along with my recommendation and bought the best stock in this industry, then you’re sitting on a 34% gain in less than two months.

And that’s just the beginning.

#-ad_banner-#So what is this game-changing development? Well, it’s actually been in the works for a while now. And as I said back in May, I think it has the potential to “kill the gasoline engine” as we know it.

So why haven’t you been hearing about this?

Well, it’s been getting some attention. It’s just that troubles in Europe, worries about the “fiscal cliff” and the Supreme Court’s health care ruling have been dominating the headlines, so most investors have been missing out.

But smart investors who have followed along with this stock are already cashing in.

Let me explain…

This week The Wall Street Journal, the world’s leading business publication, ran a special report on innovation. The subject: Whether your next car would be powered by natural gas instead of gasoline. 

Tom Fowler is the Journal’s man in Houston, who filed the report. In it, he succinctly makes the case for natural gas:

“Every day, we consume 70% of our oil getting from place to place — and produce more than 30% of our greenhouse gases along the way,” Fowler writes. “If we could run our vehicles on natural gas, it could kill two birds with one stone: Not only is natural gas a lot cheaper than oil right now, but its emissions are much cleaner than gasoline or diesel.” 

Sound familiar? If you’re not a subscriber to my newsletter, Game-Changing Stocks, then you might have missed it. But back in May, I asked the same question on And after my pick made a 23% gain in 10 days, I told investors to hold tight, because after a breather in the price action, I thought the stock was set to rally again. 

The result? A 34% gain from the time I made my original recommendation, on May 7. 

As you can see, the stock I’m talking about is Westport Innovations (Nasdaq: WPRT). The company makes natural-gas engines for semi-trucks and other heavy-duty applications. And lately, the company has been lining up partners to develop natural gas engines for commuter vehicles, most notably pickup trucks. 

In fact, Westport’s latest deal with General Motors (NYSE: GM) caused the stock to jump 9% in one day.

Expect more deals like this to follow.

If you’ve been wondering about the power of true game-changing technology, then look no further. This is what happens when Wall Street discovers what Game-Changing Stocks readers already know is the next big thing… 

Cheaper, cleaner, more plentiful, domestically sourceable, politically friendly — the future for natural-gas-powered automobiles is very bright, especially as our domestic supply is adjusting to “new normal” inventory levels because of increased shale production. 

I’m proud of that call. And I think the potential for additional growth gets stronger every day, as more fleets consider natural gas, more manufacturers embrace the technology, and more truck stops add the fuel to their offerings.

Risks to Consider: Take careful note of strong additions to your growth portfolio such as Westport. These stocks can be quite volatile, as just one piece of good or bad news can cause the stock to whipsaw in the other direction. 

Action to Take –> Be sure to check the news for further developments for this game-changing revolution. And if you haven’t added a modest stake of Westport to your growth portfolio, then I encourage you to check out the in-depth research I’ve done on this technology (you’ll find it in the May 16 issue of my Game-Changing Stocks newsletter) and consider dong so before more people catch on to this as the next big thing