Crypto AI Sector Primed For a Comeback

The crypto market has undergone a month-long cooling-off period after a hot start to the year.

After hitting a high of just over $2.7 trillion in mid-March, the total value of the crypto market has now retreated by about 9%, to $2.46 trillion. However, the market dipped to as low as $2.22 trillion in late March — a 17% correction.

It appears that we are now nearing the end of this correction period.

However, some assets are holding up better than others, while some sectors have corrected by more than 9%. That means we are finally starting to see decent entry prices on some of the cryptos that ran away from us in the last few months.

One sector that has seen a substantial pullback in price is crypto artificial intelligence (AI).

AI Has Been Red Hot

AI has been one of the hottest sectors of the crypto market since the start of the year. Crypto AI projects have been on an up-only tear for months without any price corrections.

If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting months for solid entries into some of the major AI leaders. Well, we’ve finally got our opportunity.

You probably heard little about artificial intelligence before last year, when OpenAI brought this technology to the masses. OpenAI’s ChatGPT was the first AI tool that hit a nerve with the mainstream. Ever since, AI has become a hot-button issue.

Debates about the ethics of AI and whether or not it should, or will, replace jobs have become prevalent. Universities have created tools to check essays for the use of AI to prevent cheating. In addition, the number of AI-created ads has exploded. Just check YouTube if you don’t believe me.

Of course, investors are searching for ways to profit from this AI movement, scouring the stock market for any company with AI tools or adjacent tech.

Not only has this caused a price surge among AI-adjacent companies, but it has also leaked into the crypto market. Any project dealing with AI in any capacity has gone bananas. Of course, that means there have been some great trading opportunities.

Hot Crypto AI Projects to Consider

Take a look at one of the crypto AI leaders, Render (RNDR). Render is a decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) project.

DePIN has become not only one of the biggest corners of crypto AI, but also one of the hottest individual sectors of the crypto market as a whole.

RNDR exploded in late 2023, surging from a price of $1.29 in September to a high of more than $13 in March. RNDR opened 2024 near $5 and proceeded to skyrocket up to $13 in three months without any significant pullback.

It has become not only one of the leaders of the crypto AI sector, but also a top 40 crypto project by market cap.

RNDR has finally hit a significant price correction, dropping by more than 40% from its all-time high set in March.

To me, this is an obvious move. This is a great entry into one of the hottest crypto projects of the year at a discounted price.

RNDR has not yet found the bottom of this correction, and there is still a chance it could dip further.

That said, I see an asymmetrical upside from here. RNDR is sitting very close to the support level at $8. Conversely, if RNDR were to start climbing from here, it could top its earlier all-time high of $13, which would translate to more than 60% gains from current levels.

However, Render is also not the only AI sector token with a solid entry.

One of my favorite projects in this current bull market, Akash (AKT), also looks very appealing right now. Akash is a decentralized cloud-computing protocol, which is an adjacent technology to AI. If there is one thing AI projects need, it is computing power.

AKT was sitting near $0.80 in the fall of 2023 but boomed to a high of over $6 in March 2024. AKT is in a very similar situation as RNDR. It is down over 40% and has yet to confirm a bottom in this correction.

However, Akash looks very appealing because it is nearing some support on the chart at the $3.25 level.

This is one of the hottest cryptocurrencies of 2024, and it recently got listed on Coinbase (COIN). When retail money flows into the crypto market in this bull cycle, I fully expect AKT to be one of the biggest beneficiaries on the platform.


Of course, Render and Akash are by no means the only projects with appealing entry points right now. During larger prolonged market corrections, there tend to be many sold trading opportunities.

The point I want you to take away from this is that when the market is showing signs of weakness — as it currently is — it is a great opportunity to enter positions at discounted prices.

Zoom out and look at the bigger picture.

We are in the early stages of a massive crypto bull market. Heck, we haven’t even hit the Bitcoin (BTC) halving yet and are already trading at or near all-time highs on most assets.

This is the time to aggressively load up on your conviction bets for the bull market that will follow in the coming months.

Have fun, and stay patient.

This article previously appeared on Investing Daily.