This Blue-Chip Stock Offers A 4% Yield, Safety And Double-Digit Growth

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Top 10 Stocks’ “Forever” Stocks

Around our research office in Austin, Texas, we just call them our “Forever” stocks. 

Put simply, this is the set of stocks so reliable that you can buy today and hold for the rest of your life. They have beaten the market for decades… because they share a few key traits.

This sort of “worry-free” performance is why many of the world’s richest investors, politicians, and businessmen have owned shares of these stocks for decades, using them to profit in any sort of market.

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Daily Paycheck’s The Dividend Trifecta

The Dividend Trifecta is a three part approach to dividends that multiplies the effectiveness of every dollar you invest. The plan is specifically engineered for people who want to retire sooner. Or, for those who would like to get a steady stream of extra income now.

This investing technique requires no risky options trading… no short selling… no sweating the next quarterly earnings season and… no worrying about the Fed’s next move. Yet it almost guarantees you’ll never run out of money in retirement.

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